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Articles - Ron Shock - In Memoriam: Get Stoned, Fuck a Stranger, Eat a Twinkie.

It is with great sadness that I have learned it was not the duck’s turn and instead comic Ron Shock has died today. I first heard Ron Shock on CJAD radio’s late night comedy show more than twenty-five years ago. He was on a show hosted by Dock Cavett and performed the Van Seats routine.

Shock has always been to me what a comic should be: someone not only able to tell a story and to do it so well you can actually see it while it is being told.

It is Ron and his Van Seats routine (as well as a long-time battle with insomnia that got me listening to late night talk radio) that really got me interested in and so passionate about stand-up. 900 Foot Jesus and other routines just confirmed how great a comic Shock was.

I ask all comedy fans to check out Ron’s site and his CDs. There is not better way to pay homage to a comic than to laugh with him.

In memoriam: get stoned, fuck a stranger, eat a Twinkie: You’re gonna die anyway.

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