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Live Comedy - Amy Schumer - Slaughterhouse - Just For Laughs 2012

Amy Schumer Just For Laughs
Montreal Just For Laugh's Festival

Amy Schumer appeared at the Katacombes last night and will be there again 2010-07-28 at nine 0'clock.Amy Schumer's one woman show, Slaughterhouse, is not for the faint of heart as its title would suggest. Schumer's show is essentially just that, a Slaughterhouse, in which she takes the hardest shots imaginable at everyone and everything that crosses her mind. Amy Schumer's stand-up comedy mp3 Cutting

No one is safe from Schumer's tongue ranging from close friends to minorities Schumer is relentless. Don't see this show if you are offended by; vaginas, masturbation, fisting, sex, cumshots, porn, drinking, lesbians, waxing, black jokes, Hispanic jokes, penises, and just about everything else attached to the human body. In the event that nothing in the previous list offends your sensibilities, go see this show because it's hilarious.

Amy Schumer delivers. She is a one woman wrecking crew that leaves the audience gasping for air. Schumer's stories about her life and how she differs from the average person, from the warped thoughts that occur to her on a daily basis to some of the funniest sexual hijinks ever to be uttered in public make this show a must see. Towards the end of the show, Schumer shared with the audience with some of the material she'll be using at an upcoming Comedy Central roast for Roseanne Barr. Schumer is a must see comic worth both your time and money.

James Bernicky

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