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Articles - Carol's Favorites - Carol Burnett The Ultimate Collection DVD Set

Carol's Favorites - Carol Burnett The Ultimate Collection DVD Set

Available at Time Life website

There are more than enough great television comedy moments and laughs in the 6-DVD 16-episode Carol's Favorites volume to make Carol Burnett The Ultimate Collection worth your while. The collection includes a total of 22 DVD and 50 shows. It is a great bang for your comedy dollar. Carol's Favorites features The Carol Burnett Show episodes between 1972 and 1978. They all look very good and do not show their age at all (aside from the DVD menu cards for some reason).

The comedy itself has weathered quite well though you need to be familiar with the sitcom Chico and the Man to appreciate what a good spoof Chiquita and Man is and how good Harvey Korman is as Jack Albertson. Some of the skits run a bit long for a modern audience

Carol's Favorites features guests like Vincent Price, Roddy McDowall, Steve Martin (in the very odd Comedy Act For Dogs), Maggie Smith, Shirley MacLaine, Carl Reiner, Joanne Woodward, Pearl Bailey, Nancy Walker, Ken Berry, Rock Hudson, Betty White, Jim Nabors, Joan Rivers (who does weak stand-up), and Jean Stapleton.

In addition to classics like Went With the Wind (episode 1002) and The Dentist with Tim Conway and Harvey Korman (in the DVD 1 special features) Burnett classic skits in this set includes The Oldest Man and Mrs. Wiggins with Tim Conway, The Family, a spoof of Airport 75, a couple of Nora Desmond spoofs, and a couple of As The Stomach Turns soap opera moments.

There are also some lesser known moments such as the Peter and the Wolf inspired Sarah and the Moose with Vincent Price, F Lee Bunny, the 20-minute salute to Andy Hardy and MGM musicals, another 20-minute musical salute with Rock Hudson on DVD 5, and a 15-minute tip of the hat to Ziegfeld Follies.

What has not fared as well are some of the musical numbers. Dinah Shore's lounge version of 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover is beyond horrible. Fortunately those are very few and far between.

Special features included in this volume, part of The Carol Burnett The Ultimate Collection box set, are Harvey Korman and Tim Conway Together Again where the comics look back on the show, an episode of The Garry Moore Show where Burnett's Tarzan yell was inaugurated, and interviews and such.

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