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Funny Books - The Onion Book of Known Knowledge

The Onion Book of Known Knowledge

Little, Brown & Company 2012
244 pages


Move over Encyclopedia Britannica, Encyclopedia Americanhuh is here. The Onion Book of Known Knowledge is an encyclopedia of questionable entries in coffee table book form. The information here is as reliable as any in a book approved by the Texas Board of Education but funnier.

Entries in The Onion Book of Known Knowledge range from aapanthera, an African big cat that eats aardvarks, to ZZ Top.  American presidents are given special place in margin entries where there are other marginal entries. There are plenty of illustrations and photographs to support the information.

Everybody will have a personal favorite entry, “Montreal: Large Canadian urban center considered among the world's most liveable cities for the three weeks in late June and early July during which its 3.8 million inhabitants can safely go outside for more than 30 seconds without having their flesh frozen into a black necrotic lump.)  There are also a few entries bound to make someone wince, “Cartcher in the Rye: … Protagonist Holden Caulfield sneaks into his sister's room and tells her what time John Lennon typically comes home to his apartment after a recording session.”

By the way, did the publisher really have to make the car code sticker on the back of The Onion Book of Known Knowledge impossible to remove without damaging the book?

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