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Articles - Just For Laughs All Access - Premieres January 7th 10 p.m.

Just For Laughs All Access - Premieres January 7th 10 p.m.
Just For Laughs All Access
The Comedy Network
Premieres Jan 7th 2012 10 p.m.

Just For Laughs All Access features the stand-up comics who appeared at the 2012 Montreal International Comedy Festival. The long-running Just For Laughs series on The Comedy Network has always featured performances given at the gala shows taped at the St-Denis Theatre.  Just For Laughs All Access brings a new and welcome twist with footage from performances given at less formal venues like the Club Soda. The show premieres Monday January 7th at   10 p.m. on The Comedy Network.

The first episode of Just For Laughs All Access is probably not a good indicator of the series: it sucks from beginning to end. Bill Hader as Stefon, a stereotypical gay character, opens the show with some extraordinarily lame jokes about Montreal. I miss the opening number common to past JFL shows.

Tommy Johnagin is a low-key comic with good girlfriend material and a decent bit on his mom using computers. Hader returns as another lame Saturday Night Comatose character so you can go make a sandwich or use the loo, the latter being most appropriate.

British comic Dave Gorman has a good bit on being drunk is Vegas. It takes a while but it grows on you.

From the Club Soda, my favorite venue at Just For Laughs, host Jason Jones says stuff before introducing Stephen K. Amos, the always horrible Sean Cullen --who still believes bombastic means funny-- with a horrible bit impersonating a John Grisham lawyer, and TVs Key and Peele.

This is not a good show period.

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