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Live Comedy - Date Night - The Relationship Show - Just For Laughs 2013

Date Night - The Relationship Show - Just For Laughs 2013
The Relationship Show
Metropolis July 24th 2013
Just For Laughs 2013

Date Night aka The Relationship Show is a very popular ticket at the Just For Laughs Montreal International Comedy Festival. This is in part because it is a very safe bet of your comedy dollar. The July 24th show was no exception to that rule. In fact, it was one of the strongest such shows I have seen.

Godfrey is an excellent host. He is a very likeable comic and knows how to warm up an audience and keep its energy going throughout the evening, even after the intermission.

First up was Paul Virzi. He was very good but since I did not bring pen and paper, cannot really give more information about his set. Robert Kelly was next and he too had a solid set. I was a little unimpressed with the fat jokes but there you go. It was a bit odd to hear Kelly work clean but he did it effortlessly.

Canadian Debra Di Giovanni was first after the intermission. She is a solid and very entertaining comic but there is nothing really special about her I am a big girl and single material.

The closer was Tom Papa. Papa is God when it comes to relationship material. This was a 7 o'clock show so the comics kept it clean but Papa never ever needs to push the language or topical envelopes to get laughs. I always look forward to a show with Tom Papa and am always proven right in my pre-show praise of this stand-up comic.

Papa had a one-man show at JFL last year. I really hope he gets one next year. That would be a guaranteed ticket.


Richard Lanoie

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