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TV & sitcom DVDs - Brooklyn Nine-Nine City Tuesdays 8:30

Brooklyn Nine-Nine  City Tuesdays 8:30
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Tuesdays 8:30
Premieres Sept 17

It has been quite a while since there has been a good half-hour situation comedy based on cops. Consequently, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is refreshing fare in a world of shows based on one kind of family or another. Add a little bit of action like you get in a cop drama and you have one hell of a great show. Brooklyn Nine-Nine premieres Tuesday September 17th on CITY following another new sitcom, Dads, and before the third season of New Girl with Zooey Deschanel.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine stars Andy Samberg as Detective Peralta and Melissa Fumero as Detective Santiago, his long-suffering partner. Peralta is an excellent detective but has never bothered growing up. Santiago has a chip on her shoulder about having to prove herself no matter how good she is. Peralta and Santiago make an excellent if mismatched team.

The show opens with the squad getting a new captain played by Andre Braugher (Homicide). He has been behind a desk for a long time and is out to prove himself in his first real assignment. This means he has to crack the whip a bit on the Peralta's antics.

Key to a good sitcom is interesting second bananas. Brooklyn Nine-Nine has quite a bunch including a milquetoast detective who has a crush on an angry, antisocial colleague, Sergeant Jeffords who wants to stay out of harms way to be a good daddy for Cagney and Lacey, his daughters, and detectives Scully, Hitchcock, and Daniels who are “useless but make a great cup of coffee”.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is like nothing you have seen before. You must check out this show.

I also really like Robin Williams' new sitcom The Crazy Ones   Thursdays at 9 starting Sept 26.

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