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Articles - Comedy Top 10 2013

Comedy Top 10 2013


We have been doing a top ten comedy list for ten years now. This year though I do have an official number 1, the superb Explosion Land by David Huntsberger. The rest of the list is in no particular order (and I still can't count). If you disagree, email me at contest @ nameofthiswebsitedotcom and maybe I'll send you a CD or DVD for your troubles.

  David Huntsberger - Explosion Land - Stand Up! Records Review

  Matt Falk - Apple Pie & Scars - Uproar!  Review


Iliza Schlesinger - War Paint - New Wave Dynamics Review

  Darren Frost - Emotional Terrorism   Review

Geoff Tate - I Got Potential - Stand Up! Records  Review

  Maria Bamford -- Ask Me About My New God - Comedy Central  Review

Brendon Burns - Pompously Lectures Americans - Stand Up! Records Review


  Joe Derosa - You Will Die - BSeenMedia  Review

  Jim Norton - Please Be Offended - New Wave Dynamics Review

  Doug Stanhope - Beer Hall Putsch - New Wave Dynamics  Review

  Bill Cosby - Far From Finished - Comedy Central Review



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