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Comedy Reviews - CD - Joe DeVito - An Evening With Joe DeVito

An Evening With Joe DeVito
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First Date With Joe DeVito
Joe DeVito
Comedy CD or MP3
Rooftop Comedy 2015

A First Date With Joe DeVito makes for a fine evening indeed. DeVito is funny, interesting, and personable. His focus on material about being forty something, being single, and relationships will please a wide audience. Though these topics are run of the mill comedy fodder, this stand-up makes what he has to say sound fresh. He will also occasionally surprise even the most veteran comedy fan like myself.

This comedy CD opens with “Let's Get To Know Me” which serves as an opener to more the more personal material that follows. Highlights include “Cowboys & Potheads” where the comic is surprised to see real cowboys in Texas, the punchline is superb.

Also good are the bits about being in an interracial relationship, the pressure of settling down, online dating and its questionnaires, people's unrealistic expectations, and how single women seem to go around unfed. The concurrent bits about the male brain and female brain are funny though it features the standard material on what men think about (sex, food, TV).

Funny but standard fare is a track like New York, NY about NYC, the odorous subway, and cart food.

There are three bonus tracks. The material is better than most for bonus material.

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