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Comedy Reviews - CD - Mary Mack - Pig Woman

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Pig Woman
Mary Mack
Comedy MP3 album
Stand Up! Records 2015

Few comedy albums make me wish I had been there for the recording. I really, really wish I had attended the taping of Mary Mack Pig Woman. This album is an absolute hoot. There is something really goofy and endearing about this comic that makes her material that much funnier. If you liked the characters in Fargo, you are going to like Mary Mack.

Mack does biographical and some observational material.  She almost immediately gets audience members involved in the show and is absolutely fearless about it. The audience members she first interacts have very funny stuff to say. Mack has the confidence to let them go with it and the  stage experience to know just when to reel it back it without the audience really noticing she's done it.

The entire set is just fun to listen to. Most memorable are Mouth Breathers about her husband's anatomical flaw and Midwest Polka Society. I am going to steal her line “I tried becoming an alcoholic but I kept getting full.” in any appropriate conversation.

Then again, the whole album is really really good.

The title of this comedy album relates to an audience member Mack once talked to.

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Richard Lanoie

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