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Comedy Reviews - CD - JJ Whitehead - Fool Disclosure

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Fool Disclosure
JJ Whitehead
Stand up Comedy MP3 album
Stand Up! Records 2016

If only for the opening track Bank Routine where JJ Whitehead gets into an argument with a bank employee as to whether or not he is JJ Whitehead Fool Disclosure is a keeper. The rest of Fool Disclosure is also solid if you favor biographical comics. Personally, it depends on the comic's stage persona and Whitehead comes across as a fun guy so this comedy MP3 album works for me.

This said, I am beyond JJ Whitehead target demographic of twenty and early thirty-somethings. The comedy here focuses on bad first dates, dating in general and why it is better to date older women (when as for me and were I dating, women would be much younger).

Fool Disclosure also features a couple of story about opening for Guns N Roses and an encounter with their stripper crew.

Another highlight is Dump a Friend where the comic visits an old friend and is shocked into realizing it is time to dump him.

JJ Whitehead Fool Disclosure closes as originally and solidly as it opens with a story about a channel changer that was on the same frequency as the one in the next room and how much fun he had messing with the other room's taste in porn.

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