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Comedy Reviews - CD - Whoopi Goldberg - Original Broadway Show Recording

cd cover
Geffen 1985

It is an absolute shame Whoopi Goldberg did not continue doing her stand-up like comedy-like funny and serious material on stage after her very successful stint on Broadway some twenty years ago. It is a shame some marketing moron decided to call this comedy CD Original Broadway Show Recording as it guarantees comedy fans will never find it in the very limited comedy section in any record store and it will linger a slow death in the musical section. Whoopi Goldberg's Original Broadway Show Recording is not a stand-up comedy CD in the traditional sense: No club audience but a Broadway rich folks audience, not a single funny joke or funny story about airplane food and stuff like that. There is the odd funny joke or funny story but Original Broadway Show Recording is a very different but very funny, touching, poignant, brilliant, intelligent, wise, and amazing CD that will make you laugh and make you cry.

Whoopi Goldberg: Original Broadway Show Recording is a set of four funny and touching character sketches. Fontaine is a Black man who ends up in Amsterdam for the drugs and is changed by a visit to the Anne Frank House. This is a delicate and brilliant balance between comedy and tragedy, laughter and pathos. Surfer Chick is another character sketch but this time about a young teenage girl with a zest for life but a permanent scar on her soul because of an abortion. It doesn't sound funny but it is, at times, when appropriate. Crippled Lady is about a woman with MS who falls in love and finds someone to accept her. Here again, Whoopi Goldberg goes from funny to profound, light to philosophical and does it on a dime. Little Girl, the last track is, well, about a little girl.

Whoopi Goldberg: Original Broadway Show Recording is a stand-up comedy CD that is a badly marketed, brilliant, intelligent tour de force performance by a comic who should go back to the stage and do what only Whoopi Goldberg can do: intelligent, elaborate, profound comedy.

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