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Articles - Pranks Cheap as Therapy

We live in a society where there are more and more rude, idiotic people who get away with more and more garbage because a minority of us are still polite and know how to behave. Perhaps it is time we prank these morons. The guy who cut you off at the shopping mall, prank him with a fake parking ticket that tells him exactly how you feel. The idiot who parks in front of the grocery story when the entire parking lot is empty: prank him with an insulting bumper sticker. A coworker who just gets on your nerves: prank her or him with a fake postcard from an embarrassing company or location. A prank can cost less than fifty cents (fake parking tickets bought in a certain quantity for example) and be much more effective than taking a tranquilizer, therapy, or giving the finger (everyone gives the finger now and the idiots you give it to think you are saying ?You?re number one!?). A great prank is a bumper sticker that insults the driver, not the car following him or her. Most people do not look at their bumpers, ever. How long will she drive around with B***H at the wheel? How long will it take the moron at work to notice his bumper sticker says A*****e driving? The advantage to a funny prank like this is it is anonymous. In this litigation and gun-oriented world, it is better to stay anonymous with the morons that surround us. After all that idiot is liable to sue you (bad pun, fine) because you called him an idiot and win, even if you can prove to the judge the guy is an idiot. It is high time us normal, polite people got even. A lot of the aggravation we feel each day is caused by morons, idiots, insensitive jerks, twits, yahoos, and so on. Start getting even and prank them. Fake bullet holes alongside their car might get the message across and they are very cheap. A great funny prank is gifting the moron with a bumper sticker that says ?Bad Cop. No Donut?. You know law enforcement will not let this go by unnoticed and who knows, they might search the moron?s car and who knows what the cops will find. Why get mad when you can prank and get even?

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Richard Lanoie

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