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Articles - Gag Gifts

The perfect stress relief gift for adults and a bizarre gift fo the little ones. It's 4-1/2" tall, made of soft, orange rubber, and when you squeeze it, its eyes, ears and nose pop out. It is a fact that Martians use similar devices known as "human popping things" to relieve stress on their planet, hence the very low crime rate and lack of hypertension on Mars. Comes in a comical box with a viewing window so it can look out at Earth.    50th Birthday Gag Gifts

Gag Gifts - pranks to keep you from getting old all under $20.

Gag gifts are there to make someone gag, hence the name. After a while, getting another year older is not only no big deal but somewhat annoying and very, very expensive candle wise. Perhaps this is why pranks or gag gifts are gaining in popularity among the many aging baby-boomers fast approaching their fifties or sixties. This was, after all, the generation that said "Don't trust anyone over thirty." and now they are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy over thirty.

  101 questions about what turning 40 means.

The best Close To Home cartoons about getting old. John McPherson at his best. A small book for those arthritic hands but worth it.

Prank someone for his 50th birthday or his 60th birthday, even a harmless 50th birthday joke like getting the birthday boy or girl (or birthday codger and spinster) a flock of pink flamingoes on his or her lawn with one flamingo to mark each year will be funny. However, remember  that a harmless prank will soon be flying your way. 

Gag gifts like the one-month rental of a walker from the local medical surplus store  are always the jokester's favorite to mark the anniversary of a "friend" but pranks are a dangerous thing. They can easily get out of control, make the giftee angry or backfire and make you look like just a cruel person picking on a poor senior citizen. Also, imagine the shame and humiliation should it be this person's last birthday because you caused them to have a heart attack. There is also the revenge factor to be considered: what goes around, comes around

Senior Moments Board game involving memory lists and ... finding your keys

Elemental Tie

Gag gifts should be harmless, fun, and fairly inexpensive. In two words: safe and cheap. You will, after all, be expected to come up with a real gift to mark the 50th birthday or the big 6-0 and make up for teasing the birthday old fart --what is a female old fart???-- Great jokes, harmless pranks, gags need not be expensive.

 Sixty Things To Do When You Turn 60  Collection of fun and serious essays on getting there.

Plan ahead and arrange for a subscription to a magazine like Senior Scene. It doesn't matter if it's interesting or not. You are going it for the title:

 Senior Scene magazine

Get them an AARP membership card. Reader's Digest, along with all the constant contest garbage that will be sent to the giftee and his or her descendants for generations to come (the gift that keeps on giving), comes in an enlarged edition for PEOPLE WHO CAN NO LONGER READ SMALL PRINT. Such a gift is harmless, inexpensive, and can also, joy oh joy, be sent anonymously.

If you are really cheap --don't forget, if you send it anonymously you can be cheap-- many magazines will send a trial subscription you can cancel after 1 issue. A free, harmless prank.

Gag gifts can also, and perhaps should, be thoughtful. After all, what if the orthopedic shoe was on your foot? What do you get someone on his or her 50th birthday or 60th birthday when that person has everything? What kind of gift can you get that is both humorous, touching, and original? Think outside the box.

 Ker Plunk!  As noisy as you remember it, as fun as it ever was. 

Why get someone a t-shirt to remind them they are old when you can do something totally different and stand out from the crowd. Think! Isn't there a toy you always wanted as a kid but never got? One of those electronic robots with the lights and stuff? The boxing robots that knocked each other's block off?

  Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots.

Back when good and evil was as simple as red and blue.

Never got that train set, race set or table hockey set? Never got the doll that peed when it drank? Never got a Barbie? Never got Bobby Orr's jersey? There you go! Think of something your friend never got as a kid but always wanted. You can always ask the giftee's brother, sister, parents and so on. You can probably get the giftee to spill the beans on that if you are clever and he or she is in a reminiscent mood or plastered.

Hey, think outside the box again. It's your friend's 50th birthday or 60th birthday, chances are, they no longer have the robot they loved as a child. If it is a woman, she probably doesn't have the child's tea set she played with so often as a child. Gag Gifts do not need to be cruel, noisy, or embarrasing to be funny, they need to be original. Then again, you can give that thoughtful, youthful gift and still add a few pranks, jokes, gags to it.

As long as it does not become the focus point of your gift, you can always include a few "Boy! You are really going downhill!" items. Your local pharmacy probably sells travel kits with denture tablets, a spare adult diaper, some liniment for arthritis, hearing aid batteries, rubber tips for walkers and canes, stuff like that.

 Denture Storage / Cleaning Kit (Denture Not Included)

And, again, if you are cheap or spent a bundle getting that special toy from the antique store, surf the net and see if you can't get free samples. The only problem with getting such birthday jokes, gag gifts, harmless prank stuff on the net is they get YOUR mailing address and email. But isn't it worth it?

Gag gifts are, after all, supposed to be a gag. the idea behind harmless pranks, 50th birthday jokes is to provide a bit of harmless fun. Why be mean when you can be original?

Daddy Doodie

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Richard Lanoie

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