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TV & sitcom DVDs - A Very Barry Christmas

A Very Barry Christmas dvd cover
Voice of Colin Mochrie
Directed by Andrew Horne
Cuppa Coffee Productions
kaBoom! Entertainment 2005
60 minutes including extras

A Very Barry Christmas is a stop motion animation about somebody, in this case Barry, an Australian tour guide, having to temporarily take over for Santa when the latter gets stranded in Australia. This is a fun little cartoon that the whole family can enjoy. The animation is top notch, the story interesting, and there are a few bits here and there for the parents watching this with their kids.

Although parents might feel A Very Barry Christmas runs a bit long and takes its time to resolve the problem, kids will probably enjoy this cartoon. The secondary characters, such as Nutmeg, the wanna be reindeer who causes the accident that strands Santa in Australia, Nigel, Mary, and the other animals living with Barry in Australia support a lot of the jokes and action in this story. It is a fun little story about both Santa and Barry being stuck in a role they do not quite understand and Santa having to convince everyone he is not Barry but the real Santa Claus.

A Very Barry Christmas is a Christmas cartoon but this does not mean a viewer will feel an overdose of syrupy stuff. There are quite a few funny scenes involving physical comedy, a lot of sight gags sprinkled here and there to keep adults interested, and some more subtle material to keep parents watching. The best of this is the various jokes at crocodile guy Steve Irwin, especially when Nigel the crocodile is watching a Steve Irwin special and tells the viewers exactly what he thinks of the guy. Another good bit for the adults is the press conference where a bear journalist does an amazing impersonation of Richard Nixon. If you pay attention, you will see Santa's band is named Sleigher.

Of course, all is well that ends well if a little messily perhaps.

A Very Barry Christmas is not destined to be a seasonal classic but it is good fun and the kids will enjoy it.

Extras include a behind the scenes featurette, Nigel: the making of a crocodile, a very interesting animation demonstration, the trailer, a tour of Cuppa Coffee Studio, and lesser goodies.

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