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Comedy Movies - Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure


Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure
Keanu Reeves, George Carlin, Alex Winter
Directed by Stephen Herek
MGM Home Video
90 minutes
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is a most excellent comedy has been re-released by MGM as the Bill & Ted's Most Excellent Collection, a 3 DVD set that includes Bill &Ted's Bogus Journey and a third DVD full of extras featuring the making of, interviews, the first episode of the cartoon series, an interview with guitarist Steve Vai and a video dictionary of expressions.

Although Alex Winter's post Excellent adventures have not been that numerous, Keanu Reeves needs no introduction. The premise is one of the most original ideas of the eighties. Bill and Ted need to pass their history course or their band, the Wild Stallyns will never achieve greatness and change the world. In comes George Carlin who does a great job as Rufus, their guide from their future, who equips them with a Doctor Who phone booth so they can travel in time, get some historical figures such as Napoleon, Siggy Frood, Dave Beeth Oven, Joan of Arc, Genghis Khan, and Abraham Lincoln.

This is a very light hearted comedy that uses often uses time travel as a way to get the two musicians out of travel: they just have to remind themselves to do something in the future to solve their problems in the past.

What really makes this a great comedy is not only the fact it is very tight at 90 minutes so there is not a single moment wasted, but also the encounters the historical figures have during their visit to the San Dimas Mall.

Funny as hell is when Genghis Khan discovers the aluminum bat in a sports store and sees it is a better weapon than the club, Beethoven's impromptu concert at a music store, but especially Napoleon's day at the local water park, Waterloo (which explains why he went to the real Waterloo to get his ass kicked).

This is a comedy that does not take itself seriously yet does not play dumb. Lighthearted fun is the order of the day and it most certainly works.

As Bill and Ted say, be excellent to each other and watch this great comedy DVD.

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