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Comedy Movies - Funny Bones - Jerry Lewis


Funny Bones
Jerry Lewis, Oliver Platt
Hollywood Pictures
128 minutes

You either like Jerry Lewis or you despise Jerry Lewis. Well, it's a matter of taste and so is Funny Bones. Funny Bones is a very weird and too long comedy. Oliver Platt plays a comic who escapes to England after bombing miserably in Vegas. Jerry Lewis is his father.

The supposedly funny story has to do with Platt trying to build himself a new act by finding the weirdest people possible and something or other. It is hard to figure out this movie because in many ways it is a bit of a mess and it is way too long.

Funny Bones also has a plot line having to do with local fishermen, a bunch of French fishermen, some kind of trafficking, and a body and body parts washing up on shore.

There are a couple of funny jokes having to do with the local authorities not wanting to close the beach just because someone found a body part and a weird guy holing up at the top of the lighthouse. Whatever. The best moments in this movie happen when either Jerry Lewis or Jerry Lewis and Oliver Platt are on screen.

Jerry Lewis plays a comic who is very popular but not so nice to anyone and his son discovers Jerry Lewis' character stole most of his funny jokes and funny skits years ago from his partner and some other local comedians. Oliver Platt is his self-destructive son who freezes on stage opening night in Vegas when he learns his father is in the audience and his father steals the show and is visibly embarrassed by his son.

Funny Bones is the kind of movie only recommended for fans of comedy and Jerry Lewis as something you have to get through one of these days but there is no rush.

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