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Comedy Movies - The Girl Most Likely To


The Girl Most Likely To
Stockard Channing, Ed Asner, Jim Backus
Written by Joan Rivers and Agnes Gallin
Directed by Lee Phillips
ABC 1973
MGM Home Video 2005
74 minutes

The Girl Most Likely To is a funny and dark comedy that could, much like lead character Miriam Knight, benefit from a remake. This made for TV comedy movie would become darker and, so, funnier. This comedy also features a who's who of soon to be famous television stars.

The script by Joan Rivers in many ways reflects her standup comedy. The dark, humorous voice-over Miriam Knight (Stockard Channing of West Wing and Out Of Practice fame) probably steals a few funny lines from Ms. Rivers' stage act. The basic plot of the movie is ugly duckling gets stomped on by everybody and then becomes a swan and gets even. The ugly duckling in question is Stockard Channing in a fat suit that makes her look very much like Little Lulu of cartoon fame. 

Miriam Knight is a very intelligent young woman who goes from college to college looking for Mr. Right. She has always been unsuccessful at it but has, in the process, gained an education in police work, nursing, aerodynamics, chemicals, and so on. She enrolls at a new college where the beautiful people rule, is either ignored or insulted, and when her big night comes as star of the school play is sabotaged by her blonde bimbo roommate.

She leaves the theater in a rage, gets into a terrible accident, and gets plastic surgery out of it that makes her ravishing. The new Miriam Knight then decides to use her skills to get even and becomes the girl most likely to get away with murder.

Unfortunately, the dark part of The Girl Most Likely To starts halfway through the movie and it is Miriam's revenge that is most interesting. Still, you get to see Ed Asner (Mary Tyler Moore Show) as a detective, Fred Grandy (The Love Boat) as an intern, Larry Wilcox (of ChiPs fame) as a jock, and quite a few other now recognizable actors and actresses.

The Girl Most Likely To is a fun but forgettable movie.

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