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Comedy Movies - Guess Who - Bernie Mac


Guess Who ?
Bernie Mac, Ashton Kutcher
Columbia Pictures
Sony Home Entertainment
106 minutes

In a year where Hollywood seems totally bankrupt for movie ideas comes this almost good almost remake of the 1967 Spencer Tracy / Katharine Hepburn almost classic Guess Who's Coming To Dinner.

The original has not aged well, the remake, Guess Who, is not a bad little movie which unfortunately does seem to ramble on even at 106 minutes.

The first thing you have to get over while watching this comedy DVD is Ashton Kutcher. Compared to this guy even Ben Stiller appears to be a multi-faceted comedian. The plot is a reversal of the original story in that now it is a black girl to takes her white boyfriend home to meet the parents.

The movie works best when it allows itself to be the funny movie it could have been. Unfortunately, someone decided to dump a little drama about relationships and interracial relationships into the mix.

What could have been a cute and entertaining little comedy about a guy meeting his future in-laws with a little bit of white - black jokes thrown in takes a couple of dips into social commentary but does so in such a half-hearted manner it simply gets in the way.

Bernie Mac does what he can with what he got and it is not his fault Kutcher has all the emoting abilities of a bowl of Jell-O.

Still, there are some mighty fine comedic moments in this movie. The ongoing gag of Mac turning on the car radio while his future son-in-law is next to him and hearing the absolutely wrong song (such as Brother Louie, Ebony and Ivory, and so on) is fresh and funny.

The not-with-my-daughter-and-not-under-my-roof bit where Mac tries to keep the young couple apart during the night is also funny. Unfortunately, these good moments only make you see how good Guess Who? could have been.

This is a decent second choice on movie night if you want something light and fluffy and go for popcorn during the serious moments

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