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Comedy Movies - Ham & Cheese


Ham & Cheese
Jason Jones, Mike Beaver, Dave Foley, Scott Thompson
kaBOOM! Entertainment 2005
88 minutes

Ham & Cheese is one bizarre and quite funny comedy mockumentary. This is not your slapstick kind of farce but more of a situation comedy where the characters' idiosyncrasies and their great talent for misspeaking and fooling themselves create the laughs. It also features cameos by Kids in the Hall stars Dave Foley, as an acting coach, and Scott Thompson.

Writers Jason Jones and Mike Beaver are hilarious as Barry and Richard, two very untalented and clueless wannabe actors. Their ambition to make it big and their conviction in their acting talents are inversely proportionate to their acting abilities.

Richard is the funniest of the two characters. He plays the Walrus King at MarineLand, believes he must mesmerize his scripts, and dreams of replacing Burt Reynolds in Magnum P.I. but not of being typecast as the robot on the original Star Trek.

Barry is thirty-something, is still with a talent agency for teens, shows up late for his auditions, never understands the very simple lines he has to deliver, and blames his wife when she helps him run lines.

Every laugh in this Canadian comedy comes from the absurdity of the situations, the main and secondary characters, and, especially, the writing. As Barry says, "Acting is more than an art, it's business. That's why they call it show business, not show pleasure."

Ham & Cheese is perfectly timed at 88 minutes. The idea behind the movie and the characters could not run much longer than it does but as it is, this is a tight little movie that will definitely make you smile a few times, laugh out loud a couple of times, and cringe with discomfort for Barry and Richard while still enjoying their ineptitude.

Extras are plentiful. Especially interesting is the opportunity to watch only the Barry story or the Richard story. Of course, you get extended and deleted scenes, actor and filmmaker's commentary, and a funny bit where Barry and Richard try to do an interview.

This is a neat little movie you will want to show your actor friends and want to see again every year or so just for the sheer pleasure of it.

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