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Comedy Movies - Illegally Yours


Illegally Yours
Rob Lowe, Colleen Camp
Directed by Peter Bogdanovich
United Artists 1988
MGM Home Video 2005
109 minutes

Director Peter Bogdanovich, best known for The Last Picture Show, can also do an excellent madcap comedy such as the great What's Up Doc? and the somewhat lesser Noises Off. Illegally Yours, with Rob Lowe (of The West Wing, the Austin Powers series, and the vomitously dreadful Tommy Boy) and Colleen Camp is another great screwball comedy  that has all the necessary ingredients to make you laugh.

Lowe plays a guy who ends up on the jury of a trial where a girl he had a crush on is accused of the attempted murder of a mailman. He decides to prove her innocence and in doing that sets of a chain of hilarious events involving incompetent bad guys, lots of car chases, a lot of sneaking around looking for a cassette that would prove the girl's innocence, a Canuck sidekick to one of the secondary characters that allows a few eh? jokes, a cast of weirdoes most usually associated with a Carl Hiassen mystery, and Lowe voting to convict the girl of his dreams only to help in a courthouse break.

If this plot sounds convoluted, it most certainly is. Fortunately, Bogdanovich can juggle all these balls with very funny results. There are also a few running gags in this fun little movie including one where Lowe keeps stepping into puddles and so on which give him an excuse to do the occasional Chaplin style leg shake. There is also the fact every form of transportation Lowe, or the people around him, uses ends up getting totaled one way or another.

Granted, this is lightweight fare but good lightweight comedies are not a dime a dozen. Illegally Yours is a fun, entertaining and funny little movie whose PG rating is only related to the mock violence so the entire family will enjoy this one.

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