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Comedy Reviews - CD - Bill Cosby - The Very Best of Bill Cosby


Bill Cosby
The Very Best of Bill Cosby
20th Century Masters

The Very Best Of Bill Cosby is definitely not the very best of Bill Cosby. Most Bill Cosby comedy cds were released on the Warner Brothers label and MCA and Cosby had a short-lived relationship mid-carreer.

That Bill Cosby is a 20th century master is unquestionable, that this is it is just plain wrong. MCA's idea of what is the very best of Bill Cosby is basically whatever tracks it got from its short-lived association with Bill Cosby and a roll of audio Scotch Tape.

There is nothing on The Very Best of Bill Cosby that is the very best of Bill Cosby. No Noah, no To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With, no 200 mph, no Dentist, no 9th Street Bridge, classic Bill Cosby track of any kind.

This is a  best of based on only 5 lesser albums made by Cosby for MCA in the very early seventies, and none of those albums, When I Was A Kid, For Adults Only, Inside the Mind of Bill Cosby, Fat Albert, or Live At Madison Square Garden were ever great Bill Cosby Albums, including the Fat Albert. 4 of these albums are available as re-releases somewhere else and maybe only the Fat Albert album is worth getting and this only if it is on sale somewhere or in a used cd store.

The Very Best Of Bill Cosby is the usual Bill Cosby material about growing up in Philadelphia, his kids, his wife, and a few observations on life. Standard Bill Cosby material in this case does not mean good Bill Cosby material.

These are the kind of secondary or filler tracks one could expect to find on a comedy album. I doubt any of these tracks have ever been part of a conversation about someone's favorite Bill Cosby funny stories or funny jokes..

The Very Best of Bill Cosby is a shame because some people will buy this comedy cd thinking the packaging is honest and that the cd is what it says it is. Oh well, caveat emptor.

This really avoidable comedy cd is for serious collectors only, and even then, they would be better buying the original cds than this mess.

There is no point in listing the tracks, none of them are worthwhile.

Richard Lanoie

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