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Foreign Comedy - Quebec - Moving / Premier Juillet Le Film

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Martin Laroche, Antoine Durand, Sabine Karsenti
Directed by Francis Gagnon

Moving, the English version of Premier Juillet, Le Film, shows Quebec is a distinct society: here everybody moves on July first, Canada Day. It is the law. This leads to a very strange and sometimes comical version of musical apartments where some people move in your place while you are still packing your stuff and moving trucks are at a premium. This of course leads to very funny situations, imbroglios, and small dramas. Somebody finally got around to making a comedy about this very weird experience but, unfortunately, this movie is much like moving into a new place and then realizing half of your boxes are missing and the other half are not yours.

Premier Juillet, Le Film (aka Moving) could have been a funny, dark, biting comedy and it tries to be that. Unfortunately, it is a hodge-podge of stories and characters and long filler scenes. Director Philippe Gagnon tries to get you to follow the stories of a young couple moving in together, three friends kicked out of their apartment for not paying their rent, and a couple and their teenage son moving to the suburbs. All these people's moving experiences are connected as some people move into another person's place. This could have been funny. The scene with the landlord throwing his tenants' stuff out the window and the tenants coming home, seeing this, and thinking some poor sap is being kicked out, not immediately realizing they are the poor saps.

The most interesting characters are the couple where the guy is French and the girl is English. Their ability to switch from one language to another is sometimes funny, the argument they have about moving his big ass orange couch into their or her new place is enjoyable, the guy's buddy who comes to help them out when the moving truck does not show up is an interesting character.

The problem with this movie is that it is all over the place. Too many characters, too many stories and events, and too many unnecessary scenes like the 3-minute shot of the car driving down the highway and nobody saying anything.

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