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Comedy Movies - Mr. 3000

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Mr. 3000
Bernie Mac, Angela Bassett
Touchstone Pictures

Bernie Mac looks like a baseball player. Big, handsome and a little soft around the middle it isn't difficult to sell Bernie as major league player Stan Ross, Mr. 3000, a solid sports comedy Stan is a self aggrandizing, hostile hitting machine playing for the Milwaukee Brewers who retires from baseball on the day that he gets his three thousandth hit certain that it will guarantee him a place in Cooperstown.

Journalists however can be an ornery bunch and despite his record as a player Stan's conduct with the representatives of the fifth estate and his treatment of fans and his teammates combine to keep him from the hall of fame. When it starts to look like he will finally get his due and land in the hall of fame a clerical error is discovered revealing that Stan Ross had retired from baseball with only 2997 hits. This sets the stage for a predictable but enjoyable light comedy/morality play in which the arrogant, egotistical all for me player learns how to become a team player.

There is nothing offensive about this movie. The plot is predictable right down to the luscious Mo (Angela Bassett) as the erstwhile lover interest of the self involved Stan Ross. The acting is smooth, the directing is occasionally inspired and the camera work in the baseball scenes is impressive. What the movie has is tons of talent and skill packaged into a very neat family movie that delivers just enough entertainment and a good twist ending to make it worth the trip to the cinema.

Denis Bernicky

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