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Comedy Movies - Reality & Stuff The Possible Side Effects Movie

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Matthew Donnelly, Rebekka Johnson, Rhea Dates
Produced by Peter Paul Basler
Echelon Entertainment
Singa Home Entertainment
What if you turned the tables on The Real World or Big Brother and made a documentary about it? This is the idea behind Reality & Stuff, an indie comedy of sorts featuring The Possible Side Effects improv group so you know a lot of this is improvised based on various premises from the producers.

You are more or less behind the scenes of season eight of Too Real For TV as the camera follows the roommates and producers of the show around. The phrase very disjointed series of non-sequiturs came to mind watching this. This is perhaps because improv comedy is not my forte nor are reality TV shows but it is most probably due to the fact there are too many quick cut and montages in this movie.

Reality & Stuff features eight roommates stuck in a reality TV show, two producers, and various other minor participants. It is an interesting concept except it relies a little bit too much on clichés (and the idea of everybody being afraid of the one Black character -even in joke- is something that makes me uncomfortable) and stereotyped characters. The various stars of the movie do not really seem to be able to take the premise of their characters (the slut, the gay guy, the stoner, the guy who is following the producers' orders, the girl who cries a lot, and so on) and go very far with it. The movie is supposed to cover a season of this reality show but you fail to feel a season went by at the end of the movie.

There are a couple of interesting characters such as Mike, who goes ballistic about everything but especially if you do not call him Michael, and Colin, a blonde guy from New Mexico who is really into being a Native American -unfortunately complete with all the clichés and, at times, war paint-- but in the end I failed to go along for the ride.

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