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Foreign Comedy - Australia - Rikky And Pete

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Stephen Kearney, Nina Landis
Directed by Nadia Tass
United Artists 1988
MGM Home Video 2005
103 minutes

Australian filmmakers never cease to amaze me when it comes time to caricature their own society. Alexandra's Project, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert have a unique angle to the treatment of their stories. Rikky and Pete, a 1988 film, produced by Nadia Tass and David Parker, directed by Nadia Tass is no exception. Rikky and Pete, a low-budget comedy now available on DVD is full of amusing ingenuity thanks to Pete's industrious nature, notwithstanding the soundtrack which is largely presented through Rikky's character.

Rikky (Nina Landis) and Pete (Stephen Kearney) are brother and sister. They come from a wealthy family. Rikky is an intelligent, educated woman who also dabbles in art and country-western music. Pete, the adult paperboy/vigilante, is an angry young man who is on a mission to have revenge of a police officer who ran over his mom leaving her in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. He also has a knack for wacky inventions. Pete pushes his audacity to a point where his father disowns him, leaving Rikky no choice but to defend and protect her brother. They go on a trip in the outback where they meet various offbeat characters.

Granted, the storyline does not seem like much. In itself it is not a new theme: the road trip as a quest of discovery. However, Rikky and Pete is not the typical team and this is not the typical comedy. They are brother and sister, with the sister protecting the brother. They do not drive a battered old jalopy or fancy red car to end in a decadent condition. Rikky and Pete leave in their mother's 20,000 $ sedate black Bentley and end their journey in a little mining town where they meet their destiny. Pete's industrious nature and Rikky's multitalented personality come to light in the dark mining town. Together they discover other aspects of their personality and realize that even undreamt-of dreams can come true.

Rikky and Pete is a good comedy

Sylvia Watterson

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