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Comedy Movies - The Sandlot 2

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Directed by David M. Evans
Fox Home Entertainment
103 minutes

Ideally a reviewer approaches a movie with no first impressions, no prejudice whatsoever. Such a condition in the reviewer is actually a rare thing. Movies are advertised, boxes are designed, and quotes from other reviewers are placed on the outside of the box. The Sandlot 2 was ripe for evisceration based on the cover of the DVD alone let alone the title. The original Sandlot was a wonderful movie one of the great coming of age boys paling around together movies. The Sandlot 2 is not its equal in anyway though it covers most of the same ground telling a new version of the same story.

What saves this movie is that it has a lot of genuinely funny laugh out loud moments. This is not The Sandlot which is where people who loved the original will balk at enjoying what is a fun little movie. There is a sense of the ridiculous and more than a little parody of the television show The Wonder Years in this movie. The assembled cast is deliberately parallel to the original movie with the slight variation of three girls this time to spice up the mix with a little woman's lib. The Sandlot 2 takes place in 1972 10 years after the original The Sandlot.

This new generation of cast going over similar ground as before is in some ways what baseball is all about. It is about the same game being played generation after generation, it is about constancy and the story of the sandlot is about constancy. There is a little bit of a first love story here which is to be expected when you put girls and boys together in a movie and it works without being sappy. There are also multiple story lines developing around the main story line which offer the opportunity for silliness that is engaging is somewhat episodic.

This is a feel good light weight flick that you can watch repeatedly. If you are looking for a solid family movie that has solid laughs and a great ending The Sandlot 2 is worth getting.

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