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Comedy Movies - Serial Mom

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Kathleen Turner, Sam Waterston, Ricki Lake
Special appearance by Suzanne Somers
HBO Home Video
93 minutes

Kathleen Turner goes around chewing up the scenery in Serial Mom, a great and very dark comedy about a normal housewife who settles her scores by killing off the people who annoy her. Serial Mom is a very broad and very dark comedy and it is highly enjoyable.

One of the interesting things about this black comedy is watching Sam Waterston (of Law and Order Fame) play a mild mannered very wasp small-town dentist and husband. Waterston does not really have much of a role here aside from being the husband of serial mom but the contrast to what we are used to seeing him in makes this movie this much more fun.

The real interest in this movie aside from the very dark comedy is the social commentary subtly made throughout the entire movie. From the fact serial mom's son is an avid horror and very violent movie fan (a comment on the supposed influence of violent movies and so on), to the trial where the kids have sold their rights and are outside selling serial mom paraphernalia during the trial, to the scenes where Kathleen Turner questions the various witnesses (and it is obvious this serial killer has watched a few Matlock and Perry Mason episodes) and the reactions of the crowd in the courtroom when it is revealed one of the witnesses does not recycle. By the way, Ricki Lake plays the daughter: an ordinary performance in an ordinary part.

Serial Mom is one of those made for cable TV movies and a budget price Dvd. It is well worth the investment. The extras include director's comments and original trailers. Again, nothing really special but considering this is a low price Dvd, you can't really fault the studio on this. Keep an eye out from some notable cameos - Traci Lords, Suzanne Somers, Patty Hearst, Joan Rivers rock group L7 as the Camel Lips and John Waters doing the voice of Ted Bundy.

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