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Comedy Movies - Stuart Little 3 Call Of The Wild

BUY Stuart Little 3 (dvd cover)
Voices by Michael J. Fox, Geena Davis, Wayne Brady
Directed by Audu Paden
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2006
75 minutes plus extras

Stuart Little 3: Call Of The Wild is a very family friendly enjoyable cartoon that has enough going for it to keep adults interested enough the first couple of times their kids watch it. Michael J. Fox lends his voice to the animated mouse, Geena Davis plays the mom, and the multi-talented Wayne Brady of Whose Line Is It Anyways lends his voice to Reeko who is, you guessed it, a skunk and the obligatory cool Black character in the cartoon. There are also a lot of story elements here and there that parents can use to have a "talk" with their kids if they so choose

Parents will enjoy how Stuart Little 3: Call Of The Wild breaks stereotypes here and there without making a big deal about it. For example, the mother does all the motherly things like tucking the kids into bed but she also spends the summer fixing and renovating the cabin the Littles have rented for the summer (though why anyone would spend time and money on a cabin they simply rented is beyond me but this is a cartoon so it is probably what people do in cartoon land). Adults will, however, have more difficulty with the rather ordinary animation in this cartoon. This is your basic 2D animation pimped up with lots of shadow work to make it look like a much bigger budget 3D DreamWorks production. The animators do not pull it off so the cartoon looks a bit creepy at times to an adult -that and Stuart Little looks much more like a rat than a mouse.

Story wise however, Stuart Little 3 Call Of The Wild works. The Little family decides to spend the summer in the woods and Stuart, who feels he is old enough to be allowed some freedom and feels overprotected by his mother, talks her into letting her join the scouts. This leads to the secondary plot line of this cartoon where Mr. Little, George, and Stuart join the scouts and Stuart has a hard time going up in kerchief rank. The scouts are also a good excuse for some comedy involving the rather inept scoutmaster.

The real story in this family cartoon is of The Beast, a creature that lives in the woods and lords it over all the other animals, forcing them to pay some protection money every moon or so. Reeko, the skunk who befriends Stuart Little and provides a fairly bad musical number, is behind on his protection payments so he gets Snowbell to walk into the Beast's lair. Stuart finds this out and when no one believes his Beast story goes out on his own to save Snowbell and uses all the scout stuff he did not seem to be able to learn at first to save the cat. Meanwhile Reeko gets the other animals to band together to defeat the beast.

Politically correct parents will enjoy this family oriented cartoon but probably object to the couple of subtle cracks here and there at the expense of the fat kid in the scout troop. Still, Stuart Little 3: Call Of The Wild sends all the right messages without being preachy and makes for good family entertainment.

Extra features include a couple of interactive games, a video, a read-along journal, and a learn to draw short. The games are probably fun stuff for the kids as you can choose the level at which you want to play.

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