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Funny Books - The Lexicon Of Stupidity

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The Lexicon of Stupidity
Ross and Kathryn Petras
Workman Publishing 2005
348 pages

The Lexicon Of Stupidity is exactly what it says it is: an alphabetized by topic series of quotes from people, newspapers, newscasts, magazines, government publications and so on that can only make you question Darwin's theory of evolution. This is a fun little book perfect for the odd read while sitting on the throne or to leave lying around the house or cottage.

It is amazing how many people have said incredibly silly things about everything from Accidents, traffic to Zoology, game show contestants' knowledge of. It is a shame there is no index of who said what because chances are you will find a quote from your favorite movie star such as Winona Ryder's brilliant philosophical observation "I feel my best when I'm happy." and the great mathematicians of sport "Pitching is 80% of the game. The other half is hitting and fielding." to a frighteningly high number of quotes from Republicans such as Donald Rumsfeld on Bin Laden "He is either in Afghanistan or some other country or dead" or the always reliable Dan Quayle who was a heartbeat and a few thousand brain cells away from the presidency "It isn't pollution that's harming our environment. It's the impurities in our air and water that are doing it." Of course George Bush, whichever, has also said quite a few very weird things.

For fans of The Tonight Show With Jay Leno's stupid criminals or headlines skits, this is a treasure trove of silly things. Readers who are fans of the genre will, however, recognize some of the quotes as they have been published before in similar books like Uncle John's Bathroom Reader -especially the court transquips.

The only real flaw with The Lexicon Of Stupidity is its size. It is just a little too small and a little too think that holding it becomes a chore after a while. All books should feel good in your hands but this one simply does not.

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