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Comedy Movies - Baby Boom

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Baby Boom / Mr. Mom 2 DVD set
Diane Keaton, Harold Ramis, Sam Shepard
Directed by Charles Shyer
MGM 1987
MGM / Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2006
110 minutes

Baby Boom is a pretty decent lightweight comedy DVD starring Diane Keaton. Keaton plays J. C. Wiatt a very successful corporate woman who gets a partnership offer the same day she inherits motherhood when a long lost cousin wills her a kid. If you can buy the premise, Baby Boom is an enjoyable comedy if you are a little forgiving.

Keaton at first has difficulty coping with motherhood as does her live-in boyfriend Steven (a short role for Harold Ramis). The boyfriend abandons ship, Keaton puts the kid up for adoption (the prospective mother is played by the same actress who played June Wheeler on Night Court), changes her mind, hires a series of live-in nannies (including Victoria Jackson). J.C. Wiatt soon learns motherhood is not something you can manage or schedule. She then moves to Vermont.

Baby Boom definitely has an episodic feel to it with various thematic segments following each other. For example, there is the coping with the diaper bit, the nannies bit, the finding the right preschool for the kid bit, the getting edged out of her promotion bit and so on.

Baby Boom  picks up steam about halfway through when J.C. moves to Vermont but it does still have that very episodic feel to it. The plumbing in her new house is shot, the roof is shot, the well is dry. This forces J.C. to come up with a scheme to make money. This takes a bit of time during which, for some reason, the baby does not age a single day.

Baby Boom does run a bit long but it is a fun comedy on DVD that grows on you. It is the lesser of the two comedies in the Baby Boom / Mr. Mom 2 DVD box set but the box set itself is a fun couple of comedy DVDs about coping with motherhood

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