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Funny Books - Rose Is Rose: Red Carpet Rose - Brady and Wimmer

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Rose Is Rose
Red Carpet Rose
Pat Brady, Don Wimmer
Andrews McMeel 2006
127 pages

Rose Is Rose is a breath of fresh air in a world of cynical, sarcastic, wise-ass, I say realistic, comic strips. Red Carpet Rose, the eight Rose Is Rose collection, is a cartoon strip where guardian angels protect kids, where the husband and wife never put each other down, and where the kid is never a smart aleck. In fact, Pasquale Gumbo likes school to the point he has a picture of it on his nightstand. It would be a bad pun to say Rose Is Rose is a rose-colored view of the world but there you go.

Rose Is Rose is the story of the Gumbo family: Rose, Jimbo, Pasquale and his guardian angel, and cousin Clem. This is a world where the husband often leaves love notes for his wife and does it out of his own free will and not just because it is Mother's Day. Most interesting in this newspaper comic strip is both Jimbo and Rose, especially Rose, have as active an imagination and are as good at daydreaming than young Pasquale.

This is a well-drawn, modern but not too modern looking comic strip. The angles from which the different panels are presented are often quite different from your usual profile and frontal shots most strips seem to prefer and this definitely adds to the originality of Rose is Rose

Fans of the late and much lamented Calvin and Hobbes will definitely enjoy the many snowman related strips in Rose Is Rose Red Carpet Rose though the snowmen here are definitely not as weird as Calvin's creations.

This is a sweet though not cloyingly so comic strip whose humor resides not only in the foibles of its very human character but also in the love they obviously feel for each other. Perhaps the greatest quality of Rose Is Rose and Red Carpet Rose is not only that a reader buys this very ideal little world but also doesn't get tired of it and doesn't feel like running the Family Circus out of town.

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