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Live Comedy - Laugh-rodisiacs 2005

Laugh-rodisiacs 2005
Just For Laughs International Comedy Festival
Club Soda
1225 St. Laurent
July 19, 2005 7 p.m.

Ever get the feeling comics get married just for the material? In the case of tonight's line-up at the Laugh-rodisiacs show, also known as the relationship show and one of the hardest tickets to get at Just For Laughs, the marriage produced a great evening of solid performance after solid performance.

Hosted by Tom Papa, who did a great job of warming up the friendly crowd and keeping it stoked by doing 5 minutes of really funny stuff before introducing the next stand-up comedian, this evening was one of the most even and solid Laugh-rodisiacs shows I have seen.

First up was Dean Edwards of Saturday Night Live and Def Comedy Jam fame. Great stuff. He was followed by personal favorite Maryellen Hooper. For some reason there was a sign language interpreter on stage this evening and Hooper is the comic who did the most with that somewhat distracting add-on. She went off the cuff in the middle of a joke when she watched the interpreter do the sign for blowjob and then had her do the universally known version of that sign. The very game interpreter drew the line however at "scratching his balls" and spelled it, refusing to mime Maryellen's version. It's nice to see a comic stray from a set piece the know works and acknowledge the difference of that evening's show.


Back to Tom Papa, MC for the evening and some very funny relationship and having kids material before he introduced local favorite Scott Faulconbridge, fresh off his Warn The Others comedy cd --reviewed on this site of course. Having heard the material on the cd, this reviewer was expecting to be a little hard to please but seeing it live gave the jokes a whole new dimension and there were a couple of different takes on some so, again, great set.

Closing the early evening was John Heffron, whose cd Good Kid, Bad Adult we also reviewed. Again, another solid performance with material not on the cd (a new one is said to be in the works).

Laugh-rodisiacs is always a safe bet and a good bang for your comedy dollar but tonight's show was the best one this reviewer has seen in the last seven years. It was consistently funny all the way through.

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