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Live Comedy - The Nasty Show Just For Laughs 2006

The Nasty Show
Just For Laughs Montreal International Comedy Festival
Club Soda
July 15, 2006
Host: Bobby Slayton
With: Patrice O'Neal, Dom Irrera, Mike Wilmot, Patty Rosborough, Jay Oakerson

You would think a major fan of stand-up comedy such as myself would have checked out The Nasty Show at the Just For Laughs Montreal International Comedy Festival before tonight. The Nasty Show with host Bobby Slayton has been around for many, many years and is one of those tickets you really have to get early on if you want to go on a particular night or if you want to go period. This is a great stand-up comedy show for people who do not go oooh every time a comic goes over the line: there is no line here.

Bobby Slayton is brilliant as host of the Nasty Show. I have seen many shows at Just For Laughs over the years, have always favored their buffet style shows where you get an MC and four or five comics, and Bobby Slayton is the best MC I have seen ever. Many MCs see their role simply as warming up the audience, introducing the comics, and bridging the comics with a few more jokes from their usual roster, Slayton does that little something more that really gets the show going and sets the tone for the evening.

Although I appreciated the fact that Slayton came back on stage after the show and before the next to chit chat with some of the audience, I also really liked the fact he also took time to thank the table of guys he had made fun of all evening for being such good sports about his many insults to their sexual preferences.

The Nasty Show had the strongest line up I have seen in a while at one of the Just For Laughs package style shows. Patty Rosborough, Mike Wilmot, Dom Irrera, Patrice O'Neal, and Jay Oakerson were the comics on the bill this evening. Usually, out of the five or so comics you get there is always one or two who kill, a couple who do good, and one who is having an off night. This was not the case here at all. They all killed.

The stand-up comic who stood out for me this evening was Patrice O'Neal If you are unfamiliar with O'Neal, don't worry you will soon be. This guy was simply hilarious in a nasty show format. I very much hope to see him in a more middle of the road type show to hear his cleaner stuff.

Richard Lanoie

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