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Funny Books - The Official Cat Codependents Handbook


The Official Cat Codependents Handbook
For People Who Love Their Cats Too Much
Ronnie Sellers
Illustrations by Jennifer Black Reinhardt
Ronnie Sellers Productions
128 pages

I loooooooooooved this book!  The Official Cat Codependents Handbook is delightful. It is cute, clever, and tongue-in-cheek funny, perfect for those who appreciate the art of a gentle tease. Its amusing, laugh out loud, often irreverent humor is guaranteed to lift the spirits and raise the corner of one's lips into a bona fide Cheshire smile.

The Official Cat Codependents Handbook chapters cover the symptoms and causes of cat codependency, when someone you love loves cats, financial consequences of cat codependency, cat codependent families, and coping with cat codependency. Throughout the books are actual letters written to Cat Codependents Anonymous by those who joyfully imbibe in feline companionship, share their stories, and seek community in their lifestyle.

Not surprisingly, such self-confessed feline fanciers are happy with the presence of soft purrs and warm little bodies, and seek neither treatment nor cure for their codependence. Their stories, rather, are ones of dedication, compassion, and unconditional love.

Illustrations in The Official Cat Codependents Handbook are wonderful. Kudos to Jennifer Black Reinhardt for her detailed, brightly coloured, and amusing representations of wildly eccentric human and feline characters whose exaggerated features and enormous personalities capture the book's humor perfectly.

Brilliantly drawn and imaginatively constructed, cats by Jennifer Black Reinhardt are everywhere. Some cats are depicted as reincarnations of Elvis, Van Gogh, and Einstein, and one hopes that Munsch and Whistler would be amused by The Meow and Mother.  Kitties are lining stoops, they are lovingly cradled in their "owners'" arms, ferried about in shopping carts, and buckled down and helmeted in sports cars. Cupboards are filled with cats. Tails trail out of filing cabinets, and one particularly gifted kitty is seen reading Of Mice and Men.

Author Ronnie Sellers and illustrator Jennifer Black Reinhardt truly understand cats and cat lovers. It is suspected that they too may be can codependents since acknowledged for their contributions to the books are the likes of Tigger, Euripides, Ariel and others apparently of the feline persuasion, leading one to speculate that The Official Cat Codependents Handbook was a cathartic exercise for the authors themselves.

The Official Cat Codependents Handbook is vastly entertaining. It makes for a wonderful gift for any occasion. It certainly illustrates the universal truth that you can never be too rich, too thin, or have too many cats.

J Curran

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