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Comedy Movies - Bon Cop Bad Cop


Bon Cop Bad Cop
Patrick Huard, Colm Feore, Rick Mercer
Lucie Laurier, Patrice Belanger
Directed by Eric Canuel
2 DVDs
Francais and English
116 minutes 2006

Bon Cop Bad Cop is simply the best DVD I have seen in the last 10 years or so. It is a great cop and hockey comedy and an amazing thriller, the combination of the two making for an unusual tour de force that has you biting your nails and laughing out loud at about the same time. If you are Canadian, there are a lot of inside jokes in Bon Cop Bad Cop you will enjoy. If you are a hockey fan, there are also a lot of references you will enjoy although writer Patrick Huard did forget about the Winnipeg Jets moving to Phoenix.

When a body is found straddling the Quebec Ontario border both OPP detective Martin Ward (Colm Feore) and SQ detective David Bouchard (Patrick Huard) are called on the case. They fight over who should have jurisdiction of the case and end up having to share the investigation. They find out someone called the Tattoo Killer is getting even for all the injustices caused to Quebec hockey franchises and hockey fans over the last few years. Though the DVD picture for Bon Cop Bad Cop suggests Huard is the bon cop and Feore is the bad cop they are both good and bad.

This is your basic two cops having to get along in spite of their differences comedy but done much, much better than the usual American fare. It is also a very tight and brilliantly done thriller with more than its share of simply brilliantly filmed scenes. Director Eric Canuel certainly knows how to oppose his two characters and have them work at the same time. There are moments of absolutely brilliant comedy in the middle of some very tense situations, something I have rarely seen done successfully.

Bon Cop Bad Cop is both in French and English at the same time so subtitles are useful for those who are not bilingual. The commentary track is available in both French and English and since you'll be watching this hockey comedy cop thriller more than once, you will probably enjoy the differences in the commentary.

Bon Cop Bad Cop DVD comes with a second DVD of extras like a half dozen deleted scenes and the Eric Lapointe video of Tattoo, the theme song. Why the studio thinks previews of upcoming movies should be considered extras is beyond me though.

Bon Cop Bad Cop is a must have DVD you will want to watch often

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