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Articles - Don Tjernagel - Don Tjernagel - Comic of the Week 01

Don Tjernagel is a very original and edgy stand-up comic. If you like your stand-up comedy with a bite think Jaws and you get Tjernagel. There is no topic this comic will not deal with and no joke too raunchy for this guy.  In a world where too many so-called edgy comics are just hacks who use the f word to cover up unoriginal material or get an easy laugh from an audience who thinks f is edgy, this guy uses his sharp mind to shred whatever catches his interest, even if this is sometimes his own life.

There is not a bad Don Tjernagel stand-up comedy CD out there. His first, The Forbidden Comedy of Don, is heavy on sex jokes but there is also a lot more to it than that. His skills at free association are already visible here. The second, American Infidel features a more structured set though you also get the feeling that unlike other comics Tjernagel does not go on stage with a set set night after night.

The advantage to having heard, more than a few times, all five (so far) of Tjernagel's comedy CDs is you can see the evolution. His third, Donzilla, may feature the lesser title of all three but the material here is, once again, solid, very funny and, for many, offensive.

You have to admire a comic who sticks to his guns instead of going whitebread just to get a sitcom or easy gigs in family friendly comedy club. Either Tjernagel is incredibly suicidal career wise or this guy knows that no other kind of comedy works for him. His last two releases, Prick Vol. 1 and Pick Vol. 2 are better than earlier releases if only for the slightly better sound quality, especially on Prick 1. Still, Tjernagel does not censor himself on stage and so does not whitewash the final product with sweetening the sound in studio or taking out a lesser moment or two.

What is obvious on any of this stand-up comic's independent release CDs is this guy has a very sharp mind, excellent timing, and the ability to react to the audience instead of just plowing on with his set. This is one guy I very, very much look forward to seeing live one of these days.

Don Tjernagel. If you haven't met a comic yet that can make you cringe and laugh at the same time, you have to give this guy a listen or five. If you are easily offended, pass, for your own good.

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American Infidel: "I would live to get really bad reviews, if any at all." Writes Don Tjernagel in his book American Infidel. We are willing to meet him half way: not a really bad review, but a review and, overall, a good one. American Infidel came along with a 3 comedy cd package of Don Tjernagel?s independently released comedy. We didn?t ask for the book but hey, we get it, we review it: that?s the policy.

Donzilla: This is not for the comedic faint of heart

Forbidden Comedy Of Don: stand-up comedy for adults

All American Jester (Harmless As A Prayer In School): this guy not only pushes the envelope, he shreds it.

Prick Vol. 1: Tjernagel is a very intelligent, erudite, socially aware comedian who can make you uncomfortable and laugh at the same time.

Prick 2: Solid stand-up comedy CD not for the easily offended

Prick 3: S'okay

Virginia Tech: A greatest hits comedy CD from the master of blue.

Smut: You can't get funnier and dirtier than this.

After Hours: The best adult audience comic ever.

X-Rated: The world's best and smartest dirty comic.

Catharsis: Offensive butt funny

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The Worst of Donzilla: If Tjernagel does not offend you, you are brain dead.

Comedy Monster: does to good taste what Godzilla did to Tokyo

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