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Comedy Reviews - CD - Lisa Lampanelli - Dirty Girl CD


Lisa Lampanelli
Dirty Girl
Warner Brothers Nashville 2007
42 minutes

Insult comedy is a matter of taste and the bastard child of stand-up. Many object to insult comedy just because it is rude and crude and many others have no taste for it because there are too many hacks giving the genre a bad rep. Lisa Lampanelli is the queen of mean and her stand-up comedy CD Dirty Girl proves this form can be funny, original, and intelligent.

Watch a clip courtesy Warner Brothers Nashville

Lampanelli wastes no time insulting everyone on Dirty Girl. She starts off with soccer moms and quickly insults more nationalities than there are flags outside the UN. If you doubt insult comedy means intelligent comedian the first few minutes of this CD prove you are wrong. The stand-up comic banters with the audience and quickly finds a slam for each different race representin' member.

Watch a Lisa Lampanelli clip courtesy Warner Brothers Nashville

Dirty Girl works in part because the audience knows what it is setting itself up for and expects it. This gives Lampanelli carte blanche to go quite far but to her credit she never crosses what has to be the thinnest line in comedy. Another reason this genre works for this comedian is she is not afraid to take herself on too.

Watch a clip courtesy Warner Brothers Nashville

Something that did irritate me a bit on Dirty Girl is Lampanelli's habit of referring to herself in the third person. This distances her from some of her more barbed takes on herself and unfortunately sledgehammers the point all this is a show. I am also less impressed with the ghetto mama persona and delivery she sometimes uses.

The Lisa Lampanelli Dirty Girl CD is some twenty minutes shorter than the Dirty Girl comedy DVD and this gives it the appearance of a tighter performance.

If you like insult comedy Lisa Lampanelli Dirty Girl is right up your alley. If not, there is nothing that will ever convince you this can be intelligently done and funny even if this comedy CD proves it.

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