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Comedy Reviews - CD - Moe Fugger - Friggen Comedy Network Presents

Friggen Comedy Network Presents
Friggen Comedy Network Presents
Moe Fugger
Independent Release Comedy CD

C.J. Goodearl The Box Set 95 -96 features the early radio comedy work of C.J. Goodearl of the Moe Fugger comedy CD team. The 24 tracks on this independent release comedy CD feature eleven funny crank calls, 8 funny commercials and 5 assorted comedy bonus tracks. On its own, this is a good funny CD but the later Moe Fugger CDs are much better. Still, if you do not have a sensitive stomach or soul and appreciate South Park style comedy with lots of fart jokes and sex jokes, Friggen Comedy Network Presents C.J. Goodearl The Box Set 95 -96 is a funny radio comedy CD.

Not being a big fan of prank phone calls or crank calls, the first few tracks on Friggen Comedy Network Presents left me cold. I can see the talent and the humor but didn't really find them that funny. However, if you are someone who likes a funny joke being pulled over the phone on someone, I am sure you will enjoy these tracks.

The funny commercial section of this CD is far superior. There is a lot of imagination and comedic talent here. My favorite funny joke commercial is for Xmas Eve, a feminine hygiene product for that time of the year. It's one of those how come no one thought of that before kind of comedic moments. Santa's Little Hamburger Helper involves reindeer meat, ‘nuf said. Royal Caulk is an obvious pun and another funny commercial from the mind of C.J. Goodearl.

The so-called bonus tracks are basically funny bits that are neither crank calls or funny commercials. This is basic adult oriented material (with tracks like Choke Your Chicken and Doctor Doolitle giving advice on Spank Your Monkey this is fairly obvious). The Olestra Press Conference is definitely not for whose with a weak stomach or those who object to fart jokes because that is basically all it is: a run on fart joke.

Friggen Comedy Network Presents C.J. Goodearl The Box Set 95 -96 is a good comedy CD. Not great, not brilliant, decent. Those new to the comedy of C.J. Goodearl and Dave Green will be better served with the later Moe Fugger offerings.

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