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Comedy Reviews - CD - Kristin Key - Buckle Up!


Kristin Key
Buckle Up!
Stand-up Comedy CD
Uproar! 2007
47 minutes

Kristin Key Buckle Up! is yet another really good stand-up comedy CD from my personal favorite label, Uproar! Kristin Key is a young comic who was on Last Comic Standing aka the modern equivalent of paying your dues playing borscht belt low-rent clubs way back when. Do not hold this against her as Kristin Key is funny, blue, and very original.

Key opens Buckle Up! with material on the repercussions of being on Last Comic Standing. This involves going to Target, granted not the most original premise but the pay off is quite decent. She also has good college oriented material with Drinking Buddies. The next track, Tits / Ass starts a bit abruptly, as if there was material between it and the previous routine that was taken out. It is pretty good stuff too and something non-buxom women can relate to.

Key really hits her stride with the more autobiographical material on her stand-up comedy CD. She is the daughter of a preacher and really knows how to make that sordid past pay off on the next couple of tracks. Her segue to her Hermaphrodite bit is smooth as silk and this routine itself is really good (and quite blue). These are certainly the highlights of this really good CD.

The comedienne also reveals a few feminine secrets with her bit on Ladies Restroom Etiquette. I am not a big fan of bathroom jokes but this time around I enjoyed it. She goes back to the hermaphrodite material for a few more laughs but although it feels out of sync it does not feel like she is just milking the material. Key also gets to slam a heckler here and that is always good fun.

The last couple of tracks on Kristin Key Buckle Up! feel a bit out of sync. The St. Patrick's day song is kind of entertaining, probably more so if you like funny songs, and the damn chorus will stick with you for a while.

There is a bonus track on this comedy CD: Big Faggoty Pink Drink. Here, Key comments on a patron's choice of beverage and really goes after him with it. It is obviously something that happened at the beginning of a previous show and that, rightly so, everybody decided just had to make it on the CD.

Kristin Key Buckle Up! on the Uproar! label is good stuff. I wish you could hear the heckler's and the pink drink guy's comments better but there you go.

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