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Funny Books - The Crack Book


The Crack Book
Eric Decetis
Sellers Publishers 2007
279 pages

The Crack Book by cartoonist Eric Decetis is just silly, and what the hell, split your pants funny. The 140 or so cartoons in this book mostly have to do with the dividing line where the sun don't shine. The left hand side pages feature short definitions of crack or backside related words, the right hand side pages feature Eric Decetis' always whimsical, sometimes bizarre, and occasionally just brilliant cartoons. If you are a fan of Close to Home or Bizarro panel cartoons you are going to really enjoy the humor in The Crack Book and understand why they do not appear in your local newspaper. If the name is familiar it is because his work has appeared in National Lampoon and Penthouse.

copyright eric decetis used by permission of Sellers publishing 

Copyright Eric Decetis Used by permission of Sellers Publishing.

Frosty the Repairman, which also appeared in Decetis' 2007 calendar is still my all time favorite but there are many more such gems in The Crack Book. Not all the cartoons here are related to the most famous split in the human anatomy. The cartoonist uses the various meanings of the word crack and other related words so some cartoons have to do with pulling a prank, to break, to tell a joke, and so on.

Granted, a few cartoons are variations on a theme such as the cartoon on the book's cover and its baby-sitter variation but they are placed far enough apart that it doesn't really get old. Also, the variety of ideas in this book make up for that minor quibble.

Something I also appreciate about The Crack Book by Eric Decetis is not only does it have a very good hand feel but the panels are nice and large (6X6) so you get the entire effect of the artist's work. This is a high quality book publishing wise.

The Crack Book by Eric Decetis makes a good little bathroom reader and a great present to anyone who is a plumber or repairman -this book's most natural audience.

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