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I Am Who I Pretend To Be [Comedy Reviews - CD]: The album shows Gallagher is a smart comic whose intellectual curiosity creates some really interesting and funny routines.

I Believe I Can't Fly [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Ahmed Ahmed is a very good stand-up comic. Perhaps you know him because he was on The View, in the extra features section of Michael Moore?s Fahrenheit 9/11, or because he was on many talk shows because he is Muslim and, well, it's something people pay attention to.

I Cant Believe We Had to Die Just to Make This Pointless Book [Funny Books]: A good collection of one-panel cartoons

I Did My Best - Greatest Hits [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very good stuff and great for those new to comedy.

I Didn t F*ck It Up [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent musical comedy CD amd MP3 album

I Dream of Jeannie - Season 4 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Coolest looking box set ever. Season four is lot of fun too.

I Dream Of Jeannie - The Complete First Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: one of the most popular syndicated television comedies ever

I Dream of Jeannie - The Complete Series DVD Box Set [TV & sitcom DVDs]: All 5 seasons of I Dream of Jeannie in the coolest DVD box set ever

I Dream of Jeannie The Complete Series - DVD Set [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Coolest situation comedy DVD box set ever presentation wise. The show was good too.

I Dream of Jeannie The Complete Series - Season Two [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Really cool box set. Season two is lots of fun

I Got Potential [Comedy Reviews - CD]: an excellent comedy album that bears repeated listening

I Gotta Be Honest [Stand-up DVD ]: Excellent hour long comedy special with 30 minutes on marriage and what goes on in the bedroom.

I Gotta Be Honest - Brett Watson review [Stand-up DVD ]: an enjoyable stand-up comedy special.

I Guess We'll Never Know [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent.

I Have No Fight With You People [Comedy Reviews - CD]: excellent independent release stand-up comedy CD

I Heart Jokes - Paula Tells Them In Maine [Comedy Reviews - CD]: It's about time Poundstone came out with a CD and it is a good one.

I Highly Recommend This [Comedy Reviews - CD]: appropriate title for this comedy mp3 album

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell [Comedy Movies]: Another sexist bachelor party comedy.

I Just Want My Pants Back - Feb 3rd 10 p.m. [Articles]: sitcom about twenty-something blows.

I Know It's Wrong [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very good comedy mp3 album.

I Like Soup [Comedy Reviews - CD]: I Like Soup is a solid and funny independent comedy CD with a few weaknesses.

I Like You [Comedy Reviews - CD]: I Like You is a really solid comedy album through and through.

I Like You Hospitality Under The Influence - Amy Sedaris [Funny Books]: Very bizarre yet entertaining audio book on having a party. Cheese balls required.

I Liked His Old Stuff Better [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Reviewer liked his old stuff better but liked this MP3 too

I Love Jesus But I Drink A Little [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Morning radio and phone comedy superior to the majority of such stuff

I Love Pussy [Comedy Reviews - CD]: A couple of strong routines but the rest is opening act comedy.

I Love You Beth Cooper [Comedy Movies]: The whole of this teen comedy is better than its parts.

I Love You, Man [Comedy Movies]: Dude comedy is a dud

I Love You, Now Shut Up [Comedy Reviews - CD]: It all sounds like stuff a comedy fan has heard more often than not but Blaze has found a way to make the whole thing a memorable experience.

I m Allergic To My Job [Comedy Reviews - CD]: A total hoot with 6 excellent and very funny songs.

I m Married, Let Me Tell You About It [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good stuff. Dalton does more than married guy stuff.

I m Not Fat, I m Fluffy Blu-ray [Stand-up DVD ]: Stand-up on Blu-ray is a bit silly but this one is excellent

I m Not Who You Think You Are [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Music comedy album with lots of different tracks. Unusual and entertaining.

I m With Bitchface [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Non-agressive, entertaining stand-up comic.

I Say Nay Nay [Stand-up DVD ]: should come with a case of Depends

I See You.Com [Comedy Movies]: Decent not great comedy. A pretty good second rental.

I Shouldn't Even Be Doing This! - Biography [Funny Books]: Abridged and too much so.

I Started Out As A Child [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Contains Street Football and Lone Ranger, the rest of minor interest

I Still Have A Pony [Comedy Reviews - CD]: The master of the non-sequitur one liner is back with his second and great stand-up comedy CD in some twenty years.

I Swear to God - DVD [Stand-up DVD ]: Excellent and very adult oriented HBO special

I Swear to God - HBO special [Stand-up DVD ]: Great and very nasty stand-up comedy special.

I Take Requests [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent, original, intelligent, clean stand-up comedy

I Think There's A Terrorist In My Soup [Funny Books]: audio book is probably superior to the book even if both are flawed

I Think There's A Terrorist In My Soup - David Brenner [Funny Books]: audio book is probably superior to the book itself

I Wanna Go Home [Comedy Reviews - CD]: enjoyable overall, nothing really stands out

I Was A White Knight ... Once [Funny Books]:

I Wish It Were Longer [Comedy Reviews - CD]: This 26-track indie comedy CD by stand-up Phil Palisoul clocks in at 30 solid minutes of good, almost clean fun.

I'll Ask Her [Comedy Reviews - CD]: This comedy mp3 album is a bit of an acquired taste

I'll Take Sweden [Comedy Movies]: Typical sixties comedy feels dated now

I'm Confused [Comedy Reviews - CD]: a good ol' boy who tells funny jokes and stories

I'm Darryl Lennox - Live at Comix [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good performace and long awaited CD

I'm No Dummy [Comedy Movies]: Great documentary about ventriloquism

I'm Not Cindy Brady [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Westenhoefer's first stand-up comedy CD

I'm Not Fat, I'm Fluffy [Stand-up DVD ]: Great second DVD by easy going comic

I'm Not Okay [Stand-up DVD ]: Christian comedy without really preachy bits the whole family can enjoy.

I'm Starvin' [Stand-up DVD ]: Comedy Network must see special also available on DVD

I'm Swiss and other treasonous statements [Stand-up DVD ]: stand-up comic in fine form

I'mA Be Me [Stand-up DVD ]: Excellent stand-up comedy DVD

Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas Special [Comedy Movies]: Much above average Christmas cartoon for the whole family, adults included

Icon [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Nothing new if you already have other Cosby CDs

Icons of Screwball Comedy 1 - Too Many Husbands [Comedy Movies]: Married Jean Arthur learns her late husband is only a year late in good screwball comedy.

Icons of Screwball Comedy 1- If You Could Only Cook [Comedy Movies]: Decent screwball comedy, one of 4 on 2 DVD set.

Icons of Screwball Comedy 2 - A Night to Remember [Comedy Movies]: Mystery spoof comedy, one of 4 films on this 2 DVD set. Lots of fun.

Icons of Screwball Comedy 2 - Together Again [Comedy Movies]: Classic but minor screwball comedy about small town mayor meeting big city sculptor.

Idiocracy [Comedy Movies]:

If It Ain't Broke Break It [Comedy Movies]: Fun independent comedy about a doctor who tries to help those around him with unfortunate results.

If These Balls Could Talk [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Solid set but only available as MP3 download

If You Loved Me, You'd Think This Was Cute [Funny Books]: Funny one-panel relationship cartoons.

If You Will - Live In Seattle [Stand-up DVD ]: Unfocused comic could be better.

Illegally Yours [Comedy Movies]: good lightweight comedies are not a dime a dozen

Important Things With Demetri Martin [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Fun sketch comedy TV show.

Impregnated With Wonder [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Solid performance and maybe a top 10 comedy mp3 album for 2011

In Concert [Live Comedy]: Great stand-up comedy show.

In God We Rust - Brett Watson review [Comedy Reviews - CD]: left me feeling refreshed and ready for another, juicier comedy special.

In God We Rust - Richard's review [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Pretty good with solid routines on Farmville and the Tea Party

In LIving Black and White [Comedy Reviews - CD]: First Dick Gregory album reissued on CD and still interesting.

In Memoriam: Get Stoned, Fuck a Stranger, Eat a Twinkie. [Articles]:

In My Head ... And OUt Of My Mind [Live Comedy]:

In Other Words [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Second comedy CD from a very good comic

In Shark Years I'm Dead - Jim Toomey [Funny Books]: a very good collection of the daily comic strip by Jim Toomey

In This Economy? MP3 [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Gulman himself admits this is not really different from No Can Defend.

Indecent [Comedy Reviews - CD]: I would get Pervert before this CD

India - 3 Idiots [Foreign Comedy]: Almost extraordinary comedy in Hindi and English with English subtitles. Quite worth your time even at 3 hours.

Indian Invasion Comedy [Stand-up DVD ]: Buffet style DVD featuring Mark Saldana, Bijai Nathan, Rajiv Satyal, Dalia, and Vidur Kapur.

Inexplicable [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent first stand-up comedy CD

Infinity [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very good indie comedy mp3 album

Inside Amy Schumer Seasons 1 and 2 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Very good sketch based Comedy Central show.

Inside Monkey Zetterland [Comedy Movies]: Very, very ordinary independent comedy movie

Inside the Actor's Studio : Robin Williams [TV & sitcom DVDs]: More than 100 minutes of Robin Williams at this very comedy best in an interview with James Lipton.

Inside The Male Intellect aka The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron? DVD [Stand-up DVD ]: one hell of a one-man show stand-up comedy DVD

Inside The Male Intellect CD [Comedy Reviews - CD]: What makes this comedy CD is not only the humorous tone but its sincerity and the even keel the comic manages to keep throughout

Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening - also on CD [Stand-up DVD ]: Decent enough comedy DVD if you are the target market.

Invasion Iowa - William Shatner [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Kind hearted reality TV show where Shatner goes to Kirk's hometown to "make a movie"

Invite Them Up [Comedy Reviews - CD]: 4 hours on 3 comedy CDs and 1 DVD, hard to beat

Ira & Abby [Comedy Movies]: Different and odd romantic comedy. A matter of taste.

Iran - Cease Fire / Atash Bas [Foreign Comedy]: Very good foreign comedy from Iran

Iran - Men At Work / Kargaran mashghoole karand [Foreign Comedy]: Four guys meet a big ass rock and decide to topple it.

Iran - Tambourine [Foreign Comedy]: A bit to do about illegal satellite dishes and people trying to get along.

Iran - The Pastry Girl [Foreign Comedy]: weird, funny comedy DVD from Iran

Ireland - Wild About Harry [Foreign Comedy]: Not a bad little comedy some twenty minutes in.

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