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Kill the Messenger - Chris Rock - The Comedy Network [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Rock at the top of his form in this Comedy Network show

Kill the Messenger 3-Disc Collector's Edition [Stand-up DVD ]: Rock performs in New York, London, and Johannesburg all at the same time in this brilliant stand-up comedy DVD

Kill The Umpire [Comedy Movies]: Good baseball comedy DVD with good slapstick bits

Kill Your Darlings [Comedy Movies]: Weird people take a strange road trip in a bizarre movie.

King Baby [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good comedy CD with some excellent bits especially one on bowling.

King Ding-A-Ling [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Andy Ritchie is a great blend of goofy observational humor and edginess

King's Ransom [Comedy Movies]: what you'd have to pay me to watch this garbage again

Kinky Boots [Comedy Movies]: Pleasant comedy about business going for women's shoes for men.

Kirk USB Key 8 to 64 GB - Mimobot [Articles]: Definitely cool gift

Knee To The Groin [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Francisco does it all

Knight and Day [Comedy Movies]: Very good action comedy and lots of fun too.

Knowing Me Knowing You [TV & sitcom DVDs]: those who like BBC comedy shows will probably enjoy.

Kosher Kuts [Comedy Reviews - CD]: a funny comedy music CD, but it is one with a very limited market.

Laboring Under Delusions [Stand-up DVD ]: Paul F. Tompkins is a phenomenal comic. Period. End of story

Laffapalooza 5 [Stand-up DVD ]: not the best of the bunch but quite decent nonetheless

Lake Wobegon Garrison Keillor Prairie Home Companion CD Review Page [Articles]:

Lake Wobegon Loyalty Days [Comedy Reviews - CD]: includes perhaps Garrison Keillor's best track ever: The Young Lutheran's Guide to the Orchestra.

Lake Wobegon USA - Fertility [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Prairie Home Companion CD reissue. Finally

Lake Wobegon USA - Patience [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Features Aunt Ellie, Duke's 25th, and You're Not the Only One.

Lake Wobegon USA - Rhubarb [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Includes Rhubarb, Yellow Ribbon, Sweet Corn, and The Sun's Gonna Shine Someday

Lake Wobegon USA - Youth [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Features Blue Devils, Nostalgia, O Christmas Tree, Pageant, and Messy Shoes

Larceny, Inc - Edward G. Robinson [Comedy Movies]: Fun gangster comedy with Edward G. Robinson as a luggage store owner preparing a heist.

Large and In Charge [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Reissue of 2004 album still good but dated a bit.

Larger Than Life - Bill Murray [Comedy Movies]: Guy inherits elephant and goes on a road trip buddy movie

Larry The Cable Guy Health Inspector Soundtrack [Blue Collar Comedy]: Pretty decent soundtrack for a probably bad comedy

Larry the Cable Guy's Christmas Spectacular [Blue Collar Comedy]: a brilliant adult audience spoof of the Christmas TV special. It will please redneck and Blue Collar Comedy fans and really surprise those who have given up on Larry.

Larry the Cable Guy's Star-Studded Christmas Extravaganza [Blue Collar Comedy]: Old fashion Christmas special though not for the whole family

Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector [Blue Collar Comedy]: turd that looks like a thin plastic donut

Lars And The Real Girl [Comedy Movies]: Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl. Girl is anatomically correct life-size doll.

Last Action Hero Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Very entertaining Schwarzanegger comedy where Ahnold spoofs Ahnold

Last Comic Standing - Montreal March 17, 2007 [Articles]:

Last Comic You Can Stand - NBC Mon and Sun Summer 2010 [Articles]: 7th season of fake comedy talent show

Last Words - a memoir [Funny Books]: semi autobiographical book is pretty decent and honest

Laugh At My Pain [Stand-up DVD ]: Sort of tears of the clown stand-up with other stuff. Adult audience stand-up.

Laugh-Rodisiacs - Just For Laughs 2009 [Live Comedy]: Always a very good stand-up comedy ticket.

Laugh-rodisiacs - Just For Laughs Comedy 2008 [Live Comedy]:

Laugh-rodisiacs 2005 [Live Comedy]: Ever get the feeling comics get married just for the material?

Laugh-rodisiacs 2007 Just For Laughs Montreal International Comedy Festival [Live Comedy]: The classic relationship show. Always a good ticket.

Laugh-rodisiacs Just For Laughs 2006 [Live Comedy]: A classic Just For Laughs comedy show is a hit again

Laughing Away The Tears [Stand-up DVD ]: A great independent stand-up comedy DVD

Laughing For Cancer [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Laughing For Cancer by Comics Against Cancer ain't bad. It ain't brilliant but, hey, what the hell.

Laughing Matters [Stand-up DVD ]: Bad director! Bad director!! Someone take her splicing kit away, now!

Laughing Skull Comedy Festival 2011 and 2012 [Articles]: Info about the 2011 comedy festival and how to get in 2012

Laughology - Directed by Albert Nerenberg [Comedy Movies]: Superb documentary on laughter is also funny.

Laughs From Around the World - Just For Laughs 2011 [Articles]: A bit of scratch my back pr for JFL

Le Bilingual Show - July 23rd 2013 [Articles]: A good show if uneven.

Leash Your Kids [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent mp3 album if a little uneven in tone and material

Leatherheads - Clooney / Zellwegger [Comedy Movies]: Fun somewhat fifties style screwball comedy with some football

Legally Blonde 2 Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Excellent sequel and girl empowering comedy

Leonard Part 6 [Comedy Movies]: 1987 Golden Raspberry Award winner for worst picture

Let It Go [Stand-up DVD ]: Superb DVD bound to be on our 2010 stand-up comedy top 10

Let It Go - Joe Schneider review [Stand-up DVD ]: A somewhat less positive review of this Bill Burr DVD

Let s Get Physical [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good comedy MP3 album

Let's Clear the Air [Stand-up DVD ]: Second half of this comedy DVD is much stronger than the first.

Letter To My Wife [Comedy Reviews - CD]: badly packaged and designed but funny comedy CD

Letterkenny - Starts Feb. 7th on CraveTV [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Odd and very entertaining Canadian sitcom about two small town guys.

Lewis Black [Comedy People]: Lewis Black, who many people associate only with Comedy Central but is one funny comic who has had to pay his dues to get to where he is, was born August 30th 1948.

Lewis Black The Carnegie Hall Performances [Comedy Reviews - CD]: an almost excellent 2 CD set of stand-up comedy by Lewis Black

Lewis Black's Root Of All Evil - The Comedy Network [Articles]: 2 prosecutor make a case for who or what is more evil and Judge Black decides

Libel, Slander, & Sedition [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Yelling does not rant comedy make.

Libel, Slander, & Sedition - Brett Watson review [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Skip this.

Libel, Slander, & Sedition - Joe Schneider review [Comedy Reviews - CD]: A forgettable CD

Liberated Zone [Comedy Movies]: pleasant, funny and light-hearted

Liberty - A Lake Wobegon Novel - Audio Book [Funny Books]: One of the better Lake Wobegon novels, this Garrison Keillor audio book is darker and features some adult situations.

Lies And The Lying Liars Who Tell Them [Funny Books]: real journalists and the real media have rolled over and played dead

Life Is Crazy Good! DVD [Stand-up DVD ]: Family friendly stand-up comedy DVD and very standard fare

Life Is Worth Losing [Comedy Reviews - CD]: The George Carlin comedy CD that is going to rehabilitate him as still being one of the greats.

Life on Stage CD and DVD set [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Fitzsimmons has a unique ability to take something very mundane, flip it, and then use humor as social commentary.

Life Without Dick [Comedy Movies]: a fun and forgettable comedy

Lights Out [Comedy Reviews - CD]: The soundtrack from the DVD with lots of visual support missing.

Little Britain - The Complete Third Series [TV & sitcom DVDs]: David Walliams and Matt Lucas are back for more on this BBC comedy

Little Britain The Complete Second Series [TV & sitcom DVDs]: surreal, raunchy, biting, and absurd adult oriented BBC comedy sketches

Little Britain USA - The Comedy Network begins Jan 20th [TV & sitcom DVDs]: 6 episode transplant was rejected

Little Man [Comedy Movies]: Decent comedy by the Wayans, who would have thunk it?

Little Miss Sunshine [Comedy Movies]: Dysfunctional family comedy movie on DVD not bad not great

Live [Comedy Reviews - CD]:

Live & Uncensored [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Other than the odd title and warning, this is an excellent album, funny throughout, and one you will keep in your comedy rotation.

Live - Sacramento CA October 2nd 2011 [Live Comedy]: Jensen’s live set was very entertaining

Live at 65 [Stand-up DVD ]: Includes some classics and two new bits. One about safecracking, another about escaping jail.

Live At Carnegie Hall [Comedy Reviews - CD]: If you like the show,. you will like this stand-up comedy CD.

Live At City Center [Comedy Reviews - CD]: All the great Monty Python routines recorded live with a can and a string.

Live At Loonees 7-15-06 [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good stuff from an early and freer form late show.

Live at Side Splitters [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent, funny, original, clean comedy.

Live At The DC Improv 4-5-08 [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very good CD aside from two or three unoriginal short jokes. Gossling is different.

Live at the Fillmore [Stand-up DVD ]: Anti-comedy or a comedian bombing big time?

Live At The Improv [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good stand-up comedy but the same release as the K-Tel and Laugh’s Shelley Berman Live Again!

Live at the Troubadour DVD [Stand-up DVD ]: Country music funny song comedy

Live At The Village [Stand-up DVD ]: a solid stand-up comedy DVD

Live at the Waldorf Hotel - $5 comedy download [Stand-up DVD ]: Solid half-hour performance by young comic.

Live at the Waldorf Hotel - $5 comedy download [Stand-up DVD ]: Very good show in a series by Canadian stand-up comics.

Live at Third Man Records [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Meh. Only available as vinyl comedy album at label s website

Live at Third Man Records [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Straight to vinyl recording fans will enjoy.

Live at Webster Hall [Comedy Reviews - CD]: The album clocks in at just under an hour and 10 minutes, which is about 20 minutes longer than the version to be aired on Comedy Central. Go purchase this album. You won t be disappointed.

Live For Your Listening Pleasure [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Quite good but not the best Sedaris audiobook ever. All live performances, as the title says

Live From Chicago [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent comedy album

Live From Hell: Before And After [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Hell it is.

Live From Jimville [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good comic with an old school rhythm.

Live From Las Vegas - Ventriloquist Comedy [Stand-up DVD ]: Brilliant ventriloquist comedy DVD. Terry Fator won America's Got Talent and it is obvious why.

Live From Las Vegas- I Just Can't Win Bay-bee [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Your basic generic Las Vegas stand-up comic

Live From Outer Space - Recorded at Sirius XM Radio Performance Theater [Comedy Reviews - CD]: The acoustic comedy stylings of Carla Ulbrich are a solid addition to any comedy collection.

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