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Live From Radio City Music Hall [Stand-up DVD ]: a solid, clean, and very entertaining show.

Live From the Middle [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good comedy mp3 album.

Live From Wembley [Stand-up DVD ]: The special feature Norwich show is better than the main on this DVD

Live In Concert - Direct From Montreal [Stand-up DVD ]: Good but lots of local references that will be lost on foreign audience

Live In New York City [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent, Cosby style and like family man stand-up with mild adult references and language.

Live In Oakland [Comedy Reviews - CD]: A good seven minutes out of a sixty minute set.

Live In Paris [Comedy Reviews - CD]: American comic meets Parisian audience. Mon Dieu! Good fun.

Live In San Quentin [Stand-up DVD ]: Everything on this comedy DVD is high quality

Live On Broadway [Stand-up DVD ]: Solid comedy DVD will not stand the test of time, too topical.

Live On Broadway: I'm Telling You For The Last Time [Stand-up DVD ]: Seinfeld delivers the goods in this last performance of his old material

Live On The Sunset Strip - Stand-Up Comedy Double Feature [Stand-up DVD ]: Also available as 2 DVD set with Richard Pryor Here and Now

Live! [Stand-up DVD ]: If you like crowd work comics, you will like this one.

Live! (Just Barely) from Joe's Pub in NYC [Stand-up DVD ]: Very good stand-up comedy DVD

Live! McCurdy's Comedy Theater [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Tom Simmons follows a newer trend in stand-up comedy, not boxing yourself into one genre of comedy

Local Man Moves To The City [Comedy Reviews - CD]: different from what you are used to on the Prairie Home Companion show.

Lock the Door [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Talent and experience shows. This is true on this stand-up comedy CD and at a comedy club when the comic walks on the stage and after no more than a joke you know you are in for a good time.

Lois And Clark The Complete First Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: This is a super collection.

Lonely Street [Comedy Movies]: Elvis lives!!!! Well, according to this fun little comedy anyways

Looking Good [Comedy Reviews - CD]: The material has not aged that well

Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 1 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Classic and restored Warner Brothers animated masterpieces

Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 3 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety & Sylvester, need I say more?

Loony Tunes - Golden Collection Volume 2 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Warner Brothers animation classics

Lord I Apologize [Blue Collar Comedy]: Pretty good comedy CD

Losin It - Live From Boston [Stand-up DVD ]: Very good but generic stand-up comedy show

Lots Of Moxcey [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Of the eleven songs on this funny CD, ten are very good, one is so-so.

Lottery Ticket Blu-ray DVD Combo [Comedy Movies]: No point scratching this loser.

Lou Diamond Philips? [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good, like, comic, right? But like, too many likes and rights, right?

Louie - The Complete First Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: C.K. is the new Ted McGinley, the shark to his own show.

Louis CK - Word - Live At Carnegie Hall [Articles]: Louis CK's new comedy album Word - Live at Carnegie Hall

Love and Other Drugs [Comedy Movies]: Very good romantic comedy and drama a la illness of the week.

Love At First Bite [Comedy Movies]: vampire comedy classic with a biting sense of humor

Love At Stake [Comedy Movies]: a silly costume romp

Love Is A Laughing Matter [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very clean relationship comedy CD set.

Love Is Evol [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Brilliant, brutally honest, and funny comedy about being in an abusive relationship and what comes after.

Lovesick in Toledo [Comedy Reviews - CD]: there is something original in how comic Cy Amundson brings the audience in on his jokes.

Low Hangin Fruit [Comedy Reviews - CD]: a well-crafted hour of stand-up

Lucky Louie - The Comedy Network starting 03-03-10 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Good, short lived situation comedy probably killed by its adult content.

Luther Burbank Performing Arts Center Blues [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Taped June 18, 2004 at the, you guessed it Luther Burbank Performing Arts Center, this is yet another solid Lewis Black comedy CD. It contains the same kind of dark, edgy, adult oriented humor featured on previous CDs like Rules Of Enragement, The End of the Universe, and the eponymous The White Album.

LYAO [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Brilliant. It's not 2010 yet and this will be on the 2010 top 10 list

Mac King Comedy Magic Show [Live Comedy]: Mac King is a brilliant magician with great comedic timing

Mad About You The Complete Third Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Classic couples situation comedy is still excellent.

Made You Laugh! - Joe Garner [Funny Books]: an almost perfect history of comedy from the early days to now

Madigan Again [Comedy Reviews - CD]: I just really like this comic and this cd is very good.

Magilla Gorilla [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Another fun Hanna-Barbera cartoon.

Mainstream American Comic [Comedy Reviews - CD]: This is a solid follow-up to Kondabolu s first album Waiting for 2042

Make 'Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America [Funny Books]: The best book about American Comedy ever.

Make 'Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America - Episode 1 01-14-09 8 P.M. [Articles]: Part 1 of a brilliant 6 part look at American comedy.

Make 'Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America - Episode 2 01-14-09 9 P.M. [Articles]: Episode 2 of brilliant look at American comedy focuses on the situation comedy.

Make 'Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America - Episode 3 01/21/09 8 P.M. [Articles]: Absolutely great 6 part documentary on American comedy

Make 'Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America - Episode 5 01-28-09 [Articles]: Greatest and most complete history of comedy.

Make 'Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America - Episode 6 01-28-09 [Articles]: Last episode of brilliant PBS comedy documentary.

Make 'Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America DVD set [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Brilliant, superb, extraordinary 6-part comedy documentary.

Make 'Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America Episode 4 - 01-21-09 [Articles]: Great 6-part comedy documentary

Make Em Laugh [Funny Books]: Good addition to any comedy library

Make It Christmas - Camouflage and Christmas Lights [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Mostly generic Xmas ditties with two original songs.

Make Me Wanna Holla [Stand-up DVD ]: Good if you like Sinbad in the first place.

Making It to the Middle [Stand-up DVD ]: Stuart's CD is much better.

Making Lite Of Myself - Comedy CD [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Second John Pinette comedy CD and good stuff of course.

Making Lite Of Myself - Live Show [Live Comedy]: A good show by a great stand-up comic

Malibu's Most Wanted [Comedy Movies]: White wannabe rapper gets lessons in the hood

Mall Cop [Comedy Movies]: Kevin James in a pretty good comedy starting from scene 12 on.

Mama's Boy [Comedy Movies]: Dreadful.

Mama's Family [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Spin-off situation comedy from Carol Burnett Show with Vicki Lawrence

Man 1 Bank 0 - Patrick Combs [Stand-up DVD ]: The title says it all. Little guy wins one over big bank.

Man Alive - CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival [TV & sitcom DVDs]: CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival show John Wing Jr, Glen Foster, others

Man of Hazardium [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent CD with a bit of everything including really funny songs.

Man Of The Year [Comedy Movies]: an almost watchable DVD you know could have been much better

Manchild [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Star of The League gives solid stand-up performance

Mandroid [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good and a keeper but a bit uneven

Maneater [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Not even close to plausible romantic comedy 3 hour miniseries

Manitoba Bound - CBC December 31, 2008 9 p.m. [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Great stand-up comedy show, as usual.

Manna From Heaven [Comedy Movies]: Not everything it is built up to be

Maria Bamford - The Burning Bridges Tour [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Her first CD and one of the good ones

Marriage Material [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Esposito continues to impress me. Her command of her material, and her stage presence, are both fantastic and clearly audible on this comedy CD

Married With Children Seasons 1 and 2 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: A great deal on Amazon

Married With Children The Complete Seventh Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: This situation comedy became a parody of itself and therein lies some of the fun.

Marx Brothers - A Day at the Circus [Comedy Movies]: A minor Marx Brothers comedy, part of a 4 movie 2 DVD set

Marx Brothers - A Night in Casablanca [Comedy Movies]: Part of a decent 4 movie 2 DVD Turner Classic Movies set.

Mary Tyler Moore Show -The Best Of Season One [TV & sitcom DVDs]: four episodes of this great situation comedy including the pilot

MASH Season 8 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Good-Bye Radar, April Fools, and other good Mash Episodes

MASH Season Seven [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Good deal except best episode unrestored

Mass Appeal - Zoofest 2012 - Just For Laughs [Live Comedy]: Beuer Rocks in great performance at Montreal International Comedy festival

Master Plan [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Second stand-up comedy CD from solid, original comic

Match Game - The Comedy Network Premieres Oct 15th 8 P.M. [Articles]: Fun

Match Game is back September 2nd at 8:30 [TV & sitcom DVDs]:

Mating Season [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Mauss is a comic you cannot but enjoy.

Matt Helm - Murderer's Row [Comedy Movies]: spy thriller comedy is not perfect but decent

Matt Helm - The Silencers [Comedy Movies]: a very good comedy and spy movie

Maude The Complete First Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Great Norman Lear seventies situation comedy that is still fun to watch.

MC Mr. Napkins [Comedy Reviews - CD]: You can blow you nose in this one.

Me And My (5:00) Shadow - stand-up comedy CD [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Pretty good first stand-up comedy CD by comic of Egyptian background.

Me Doing Standup [Comedy Reviews - CD]: MacDonald has something and something original to say and it is funny too

Me Talk Pretty One Day - Ultimate Sedaris Box Set [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Kinder, gentler 5 cd audio book by David Sedaris

Meat Robot [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Ordinary

Meatballs Special Edition DVD [Comedy Movies]: Your basic summer camp comedy DVD for the whole family,

Medium Energy [Comedy Reviews - CD]: an easy listening stand-up comedy CD

Meet Dave - A Good Eddie Murphy Comedy!!! [Comedy Movies]: A good Eddie Murphy comedy. This means the next one will be in ten years

Meet Dave Blu-ray - A funny Eddie Murphy movie [Comedy Movies]: A good movie but probably not worth the extra Blu-ray dollars

Meet The Spartans [Comedy Movies]: Spoof of 300 and other such manly films

Megatron Story 3000 ... Can I Call It That? [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Promising but not there yet

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