I Ain’t Scared is a good stand-up comedy CD with a very offensive cover.

I am not particularly touchy when it comes to humour but the picture of a Black man being strung up by four Klansmen certainly does not work for me. The fact that the back picture for this stand-up comedy CD is 2 buxom babes partying with Aries Spears and the four Klansmen doesn’t take the punch away. The fact that the offensiveness or edginess of the cover does not really represent the stand-up comedy of Aries Spears and the material on I Ain’t Scared is just another thing that bugs me.

Aries Spears, of Mad TV, Comedy Central Presents, and Jiminy Glick in Lalawood fame does some of funniest black folk versus white folk bits I have heard in a while. He manages to go beyond the usual stuff and comes up with very original comparisons such as how both react when they are in a horror movie. Spears is a multi-talented comic who is very good at doing impersonations. Of course, he does Eddie Murphy and Bill Cosby (his Cosby voice should be a little deeper by the way) but he also manages to do good Latino and white characters without relying on the usual stereotypes.

His comedic topics on I Ain’t Scared go from African men coming to America, Cosby and Murphy, picking on the audience, older stuff like the earthquake in L.A, Mike Tyson, the racism of 7 Eleven owners towards everybody, homosexuality in sports, especially wrestling, gays, masturbation, to sex and Robocop ion TV. This shows the wide palette of this very funny stand-up comic.

The second CD in I Ain’t Scared is a compilation of various crank calls. Not being partial to that kind of comedy I cannot really comment on it more than saying it is good and sounds a hell of a lot better than most comedy CDs of that kind.

I Ain’t Scared by Aries Spears is a solid stand-up comedy CD with absolutely crisp sound by a very funny comedian.

Aries Spears
I Ain’t Scared
2 stand-up comedy CDs
Independent release
Parental Advisory

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