Redd Foxx I Ain’t Lied Yet is one of three recent Black stand-up comedy CD recently released by Cult Collectibles.

Originally known as Party Albums, these are live club recordings of Black comics doing adult oriented comedy. This Redd Foxx CD is the best sounding one I have ever come across. This is no real surprise considering it was produced by David Drozen of the Uproar! Label.

Foxx is best known to relatively modern audiences as the Sanford in the seventies situation comedy Sanford & Son. Before that he was quite a prolific and superb comic. He does old school farmer’s daughter joke – punchline humor and in fact there is one such joke on I Ain’t Lied Yet.

Foxx had an activist streak. This is most audible in the opening bit on Stephen Foster although the song Foxx refers to is by Kern and Hammerstein.

Long time comedy fans will recognize some of the material here. A lot of jokes were vaudeville circuit material that everyone used from time to time. One such example is the joke about faith healer and the old couple listening to him on the radio. Foxx, of course, has a style all his own.

Redd Foxx I Ain’t Lied Yet is a must.

Other recent Cult Collectibles Party Album releases are Jimmy Lynch, Nigger Please! And Skillet & Leroy, 2 or 3 Times a Day.

I Ain’t LIed Yet
Redd Foxx
MVD Audio 2012 36 minutes

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