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Bill Cosby
Is a Very Funny Fellow Right!
Warner Brothers 1963


“Bill Cosby Is A Funny Fellow, Right! ? Is probably the Bill Cosby comedy download or cd everyone is most familiar with because this is the Bill Cosby album that contains his classic and memorable Noah bit comprised of Noah: Right! Noah: And The Neighbor, and Noah: Me And You, Lord. I have yet to meet anyone of my generation who is not familiar with this funny story. comedy download at Amazon: Bill Cosby is A Very Funny Fellow, Right?

Like most stand-up comedy fans of a certain age Bill Cosby Is A Funny Fellow, Right is a comedy album  owned on vinyl record, cassette, CD, and now download  will probably own in whatever format in comes out on next. Cosby?s ability to put you in the moment and find the lighter side to the destruction of the earth is what makes him the most talented comic around.

His ability to do various voices and sounds (ooooompah, ooooooompah oooompah) allows him to play all the characters and tools he needs to do this story.

This album is another classic Cosby comedy cd you should and must share with your kids. Some of the tracks will over their heads Hoof And Mouth for example, but all of the album is clean and funny, a safe listen for long car trips or plane trips that will keep the kids occupied not with some video game that excludes you but in a world you are familiar with and that you can share with them. You could even tell them about the time you first heard these stories and how they made you feel.

It is on Bill Cosby Is A Funny Fellow, Right! that Cosby also starts to expand his world to include the world of grownups and their foibles. The Difference Between Men and Women? and A Nut In Every Car come to mind.

One of the earliest of Bill Cosby’s brilliant oeuvre, this is definitely a comedy cd on anyone?s must own list. I doubt there is a stand up comic anywhere who has not heard the Noah skid and wishes he or she could pull something like that off.  Check out our Bill Cosby comedy download page

Track list

  1. A Nut IN Every Car
  2. Toss Of The Coin
  3. Little Tiny Hairs
  4. Noah: Right!
  5. Noah: And The Neighbor
  6. Noah: Me And You, Lord
  7. Superman
  8. Hoof And Mouth
  9. Greasy Kid Stuff
  10. The Difference Between Men And Women
  11. Pep Talk
  12. Karate