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Bill Cosby
Oh Baby

Bill Cosby, famous for telling funny jokes and funny stories anchored on his own experience and life released yet another very good comedy cd in 1991 on the Geffen label. It is quite possible this particular cd, Oh, Baby, is not as familiar to the comedy audience, or even to people who like Bill Cosby because it is also a bit of a departure for him. It is also impossible to find at a reasonable price.

Bill Cosby has never been afraid to take the time to tell a story right, be it about his childhood or here ski and ski equipment, and is one of very few comics who can do a 20 or more minutes funny bit and not lose you, just think of the Noah triptych, To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With ?the all-time funny story, or 200 MPH, to name a few, but here this funny cd contains two long funny stories, one about love and one about ski, and that?s it.

The title cut on Oh, Baby opens this cd. Cosby explores the familiar territory of his relationship with his wife Camille and the joys of a long-term relationship. There is something a little more mature about this cut in that in some past stories, Cosby husband?s character came across sometimes as a bit of a spoiled little boy. Not this time. This is a story about two mature people who have been together for a long time and know each other?s foibles.

Again, it is a funny story yet it also sounds a little more serious as if both the Camille and Bill character know each other?s tricks so well they do not really bother going back to them anymore.

The second track is very funny, perhaps even funnier than the title track but only because the tone is different. Track two, Skiing, is about Bill Cosby going to a ski hill. Those familiar with Cosby’s take on golf or football will immediately understand he points out the flaws in the logic behind going up a hill to go down a hill. His comments on ski equipment salespeople and going through the process of buying ski boots using the store socks are funny.

I personally prefer John Pinette’s take on the subject heard at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival a few years ago but perhaps I am comparing apples and expensive sweater oranges.

Bill Cosby is a staple of comedy radio shows but Oh, Baby and the two cuts on this cd may be unfamiliar to many people because most comedy radio shows rarely play long takes.

That is a shame. If Stairway to Heaven is the world-famous the dj took a pee break or has a friend in the studio cut, both Oh, Baby and Skiing deserve to be the same kind of cut for comedy radio hosts. Check out our Bill Cosby comedy download page.