Bill Cosby Why Is There Air? is one of the many stand-up comedy CDs Cosby released yearly in the sixties.

Compared to absolute classics like To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With, Wonderfulness, or Bill Cosby Is A Very Funny Fellow, Right!, Why Is There Air is not a great comedy CD but then again it is being compared to some of the absolutely greats. Why Is There Air? does, however, have some great clean comedy (this is the Cos of course) tracks. comedy download at Amazon: Why Is There Air?

The opening track to Why Is There Air?, Kindergarten, is another autobiographical story featuring Bill Cosby’s experiences in kindergarten. Anyone who has been a child, and any parent who has a child in day care will enjoy Cosby’s dead-on observational humor about this first school experience and learn Cosby got an A in going to the bathroom. Personal Hygiene and Shop are about Cosby’s years in junior high school. Shop is particularly funny for its story about trying to get rid of the shop teacher. It is also a public service track of sorts because this great stand-up comic reveals that if you put two grooves in anything you can call it an ashtray.

Baby is yet another track about fatherhood. Not Bill Cosby’s best but definitely funny. The two most often heard tracks from Why Is There Air? are Driving In San Francisco which is amazing because of how well the Cos can build a mental picture for you. If you listen carefully and know your Cosby comedy lore, you will catch him in a little white lie in $75 Car where he says he joined the service after high school (the true story, according to the never available on tape or CD but sometimes shown on PBS Mr. Zapolsky, With Love is he dropped out of high school and joined the service). The track itself is about having an old jalopy while he was going out with a rich girl and the minuscule guard dog her family had..

The Toothache is a rare track about him getting hooked on Midol. Hofstra is about his college football days at Temple and the lecture given to the team before a game scheduled to be televised and facing a much stronger and bigger team.

Why Is There Air? is a good but not best Bill Cosby comedy CD. As usual, it is family friendly, clean comedy and, as always, adults will enjoy it a little more than the kids. Check out our Bill Cosby download page:

Track list:

Personal Hygiene
Driving In San Francisco
$75 Car
The Toothache

Bill Cosby
Why Is There Air?
stand-up comedy CD
Originally Released 1965
Warner Brothers
40 minutes

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