Deliciously Vulgar
Kathleen McGee
Stand-up comedy download
Stand Up! Records 2019

Comedian Kathleen McGee has huge balls. (It’s not like I can say “huge vulva”). Deliciously Vulgar is a stand-up comedy download that is sexually explicit and graphic yet almost perfectly clean. Topics like BJs, vibrators, strippers, swingers’ clubs, one-night stands, and more become funny as hell without any cringe factor involved. That is all autobiographical just adds to the fun

Deliciously Vulgar opens with a bit about drinking and partying too hard. The one low point here is the next routine “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant”. There is little new to say about that and “16 and Pregnant”. It is funny but not up to par with the rest of this superb comedy album.

Kathleen McGee manages to cover all this very adult material while keeping the audience onside. I In fact, I think the audience only groans a couple of times during the entire set. This is because McGee is very likeable and talks about these subjects in a very matter of fact way.

If you want adult oriented comedy that is clever, explicit, and extremely funny, Kathleen McGee is Deliciously Vulgar is a must.

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